The annual college fest was not at its best this year. Certainly not as well organized as Ragazzo was last year. Euphoria totally rocked last year!

The Aryans were there this year and for the Heritage Nite we had a fusion band called “Friends of Drums” who perform with Sivamani. Doesnt take a deaf man to guess that they were totally awesome!

On a personal note, this was the first time I tried singing a HINDI song on STAGE… I sang “Bulla Ki Jaana.” I was definitely nervous as I took stage in front of 3000-odd people.. and that too a HINDI song!! (I DO play the drums regularly, and I HAVE sung western on stage before!). But as it turned out, I did pretty well and I found it satisfying to note that the number of people listening to that song in our hostels had increased!!

It’s a wonderful song actually.. written by the famous Sufi poet Bulla Shah in the 19th century and composed and sung by Rabbi Shergil.. (yes, the white kurta-clad surd with a queer-looking guitar in the video!). The title line says : “Bulla! Ki Jaana Main Kaun”.. meaning Bulla! I know now who I am. The lyrics are philosophical in tone and represent Bulla’s search for the SELF!

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