This one was written the day I read about US attacking Iraq. I felt for the innocent civilians who would be losing thier loves. At the same time, I thought about the misery that the people of Kashmir have been going through for decades now. Will the world ever respond to thier shouts and cries?? … My musings….

Thoughts of an Unkown Indian

Violence! Terror!
The world comes to a halt.
One attack after another.
Who is to blame?
Who is at fault?

A bearded Goon,
the self-proclaimed “Guardian of mankind”,
who destroys homosapiens to create his kind.
An eloquent president,

an orator par excellence.
One who firmly believes,
“Attack is the best form of defence”.

The hungry child,
The morose faces,
The angry mother,
All results of bombing cases.

the place they call heaven on earth,
the beautiful valley.
Many are dying..
Thousands are dead.
Homes destroyed,
hundreds fled.

But, Our eloquent president,
Uncle Sam, says “Hold it!”

Are your lives lives?.. and ours not?
Are your men heroes? .. and ours pawns?
Why are your actions praised.. and ours condemned?
This is Injustice; It must end.

When shall we live in a world of peace?
When shall the hungry child be happy with himself?
The answer looks like NEVER,
not as long as WAR lives..
But,we all know..

(Written in March 2003)


  1. Fantastic Job. the line ” this is injustice; it must end ” makes me thonk we cud have another gr8 clasical kinda poet out here……………………………… dont take life ( read me ) 2 seroiusly !

  2. hi,
    nice poem.. i happened to get this link from krishna’s blog.. kya boss itna mahaan mahaan kavita likhne lag gaya aur bataya bhi nahin.. khair there is lots to discuss with u .. but i guess this is not the place.. drop me a message when u see this..

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