How has Sourav’s Ouster affected Kolkata???

I’m not a die-hard Sourav Ganguly fan… but this excerpt summarises my sentiments for Ganguly… and Kolkata!

amyth: was watching the match

Ankur Chandra: u 2?

amyth: yeah

Ankur Chandra: even when Saurav wasn’t playin?

amyth: lol..
amyth: im not that big a sourav fan..

Ankur Chandra: but calcutta is

amyth: of course..
amyth: see all said n done.. he wasnt treated the way he ought to be…

Ankur Chandra: i thought thr was a fatwa in cal that no1 shud watch any indian match without saurav…………

amyth: lol.. nahi… aise kuch nahi hai…. everyone is watching the match
amyth: ppl are listening to it on radio in the streets
amyth: watching it standing outside TV shops..
amyth: cricket is cricket to kolkatans

Ankur Chandra: Calcuttans r tolerant….i c,hmmmm

amyth: no.. not tolerant..

Ankur Chandra: then?

amyth: their love for the GAME…. over-shadows their love for Ganguly…..


2 thoughts on “How has Sourav’s Ouster affected Kolkata???

  1. this is beyond Kolkata now, talk bout Lok Sabha( cud it get any worse).Rather than staging protests for Ganguly, we shud expend our energy on making sure this doesnt happen to Sachin or Dravid now. We need to empower the selection committee and give them full autonomy just like supreme court judges(they cant b influenced). Moreover, we need to institutionalize the selection procedure so that only credible people become a member of the selection committee.

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