Dream or Nightmare??

shantaram.jpgI am currently reading one of the most thought-provoking books my little reading has made me privy to. It’s called “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts.

The book seems to contain everything… EVERYTHING.. from Crime to Passion, from Love to hatred, from slums to riches and from negativity to divinity!

Having been so deeply engrossed in the book, I can’t wait to watch the movie – Johnny Depp plays the protagonist and BIG B plays Khaderbhai, another very important character in the story.

This particular bit of the book set me thinking for quite sometime.. I wondered how true the statement is and how most of us can relate to it so perfectly well..

“He once told me, in a rambling, midnight dissertation, that a dream is the place where a wish and a fear meet. When the wish and the fear are exactly the same, he said, we call the dream a nightmare.

3 thoughts on “Dream or Nightmare??

  1. A piece of advice to you: Finish the book!!
    I read the book cuz of you…started and finished it in two and a half days flat..and you’re still stuch somewhere in between…

    The whole concept of the quote is nice, very thought-provoking… So thought – provoking that i thought thats lets try to exemplify the thought with an example…

    And i couldn’t come up with any…

    Help me out..


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