Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Was talking to a couple of friends at office. One of them (code-named: Mr. K) mentioned this in the middle of a discussion. This one does make you think:

“Every man wants to be his woman’s first. Every woman wants to be her man’s last!”

Food for thought, fodder for debate!

7 thoughts on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?

  1. man is genetically polygamus psychilogically and monogamus physically where as women are the other way round…
    this was the argument put forward by some female chauvinist.
    However I donot personally agree to this view..
    I mean it is very judgemental and with all due respect to the wamen I would like to refute the statement stating that it differs fro person to person.
    Although society,economics have a vital role to play in this regard shaping the individul’s view.I would like to comment more on this first hear some other’s comment.

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