Eleventh Hour @ The Telegraph!


At the cost of indulging into a bit of Narcissism, I would like to include a link to the write-up on our band, Eleventh Hour.

We had a gala time and it taught me the essense of working towards something! Besides, the relaxation and satisfaction at the end of a “Hard day’s work!” was unparallened!

Here’z to Eleventh Hour!~ – This article came out in the Telegraph in our last month of college.. when our days and those of our band were numbered! However, this one does capture how we came together and the little successes that we achieved in our rather bumpy ride through 4 years of engineering college!

4 thoughts on “Eleventh Hour @ The Telegraph!

  1. @ Ujjwal, Sasanka

    I know this is an insanely late response to comments on this post.. 😛 .. But thanks! 🙂 ..

    And Ujjwal.. Yes have seen the BaroC video… rockss!! 😀

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