I was a part of it!

COGNIZANT rang the NASDAQ Opening Bell from its Chennai facility on March 5, 2007.


I was lucky to have been selected among the 2 associates representing Kolkata. It was quite a thrilling experience and an honour (Now! Now!).. to be sharing space with the big-wigs! — NASDAQ Cheif, US Consulate General in Chennai, and our Senior Management.

Being “special guests” for the team hosting it at Cognizant’s Chennai facility, we were treated well and enjoyed every moment of our stay! And of course, a particular highlight of the entire trip was the aerial view of Kolkata. I always thought I’d take snaps of Kolkata when I’m on a flight. Usually its either night (read: too dark!) .. This time I made it a point to compliment my imagination with whatever my w700i could capture!

Catch the pictures from the Chennai trip on my Picasa Album! – I ended up taking more snaps on my flight (for lack of better occupation!) than in Chennai itself!

For more on Cognizant’s bell ringing ceremony, check out the Official Press Release.

7 thoughts on “I was a part of it!

  1. the last pic was for conforming that it was you on the trip, is it? 😉

    nicely done..the Hoogly reminded me the view over London- though that city would look a little more planned from above.
    nice to see you rise among the ranks, comarade!

  2. Fantastic photos!

    I wish you could have taken the Chowringhee/South Kolkata areas or even Salt Lake. They look fabulous from the air but rarely is the light outside right.

    Check out these Kolkata galleries

    Millenium Towers, Kolkata
    Bengal Silver Spring, Kolkata
    The Forum Mall, Kolkata
    Greenwood Park Extension, New Town, Kolkata
  3. @ Kolkata Prem

    Terrific links, Prem!.. some of the most wonderful albums .. Delight for a Kolkata lover! :)..

    But I noticed all of them belong to different people.. I’d like to know if any of them are yours! :)..

    Thanks anywayz!

  4. Amit

    Yes the pictures are by me, my brother and two of my friends (posted with their permission).

    Hope you take many more Kolkata photos.


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