DATAQUEST-IDC T-Schools Survey: BIT Mesra ranked 17th

In a June 2006 Dataquest-IDC survey of top T-Schools in India, BIT Mesra college stood 17th overall. Earlier (2005, i think!), BIT Mesra was ranked among the top 10 by an India Today – ORG-MARG – AC-NIELSEN survey. Like many other BIT-ians.. and non-BIT-ians I was a little surprised. However, IMHO, BIT Mesra deserves the 17th spot.

The complete list is as follows:

1 IIT-Madras
2 IIT-Delhi
3 IIT-Kharagpur
4 IIT-Guwahati
5 IIT-Bombay
6 IIT-Kanpur
7 IIT-Roorkee
9 BITS-Pilani
10 IIIT-Hyderabad
11 IIIT-Allahabad
12 NIT-Warangal
13 NIT-Tiruchirapalli
14 NIT-Calicut
15 Delhi College of Engineering
16 NSIT, Delhi
17 BIT-Mesra, Ranchi
18 Jadavpur University, Kolkata
19 MNNIT-Allahabad
20 Thapar Institute of Engg. & Technology, Patiala

A close analysis of the list would reveal that the ones that are above BIT Mesra on the list deserve to be there by virtue of thier “brand” and overall reputation. Likewise for the institutes that are below it. If you are a BIT-ian reading this, you’ll probably disagree with this. But the fact is that the grass will always be greener on the other side. Maybe the students of the colleges that we “perceive” to be better than BIT Mesra are actually aware of the loopholes or shortcomings and actually believe that the grass this side (read: Mesra) is greener. Hmmm… Who knows.. I’d let the magazines decide.. and watch the show!

All in all, 17th I think is an impressive achievement, considering that there are over 1,200 engineering colleges approved by AICTE in our country. Anyway, catch the entire survey report (in pdf format) here!

13 thoughts on “DATAQUEST-IDC T-Schools Survey: BIT Mesra ranked 17th

  1. hmm…good analysis..though i think BIT has REALLY changed from the time I first stepped in Ranchi..things like new programs, exchange programs, wireless networking and some form of internet access in the is a great torch in the darkness of the land where it is set up (read Jharkhand).
    There is something- may be many things- that keeps this place going!

  2. True Ujjwal.. i think one of the things that also keep it going is the Brand name.. i know it sounds trivial.. but the BIT Mesra brand aint all that bad after all.. considering that its over 50 years old now! (Forget the fact that we never ended up celebrating the Golden Jubilee year of our existance.. thats another story!)

  3. 1. The power of the BIT brand is far from bring all-consuming. However, it is not as feeble as we (BITians) percieved it to be from inside.

    2. As far as the “How” is concerned, IMHO it is just TIME that works in BIT’s favour. The fact that it was established in the 1950s and has “gathered moss” among other things over time and established its name.

    I mean when i go to any of the private engineering colleges (NOW, after having passed out of BIT), I realise the lack of infrastructure that they hace, the small corridors, one-building campuses. These are the things that count towards an experience when you go to study in an academic institution. It is not just about coursework. It is about the experience. And I am proud of the fact that I had a wonderful experience!

    I guess this would be my answer for the “how”.. Whattsay?

  4. For point 1, I was more interested in how much we rely on the power of the name of our college. I did not think BITM was “feeble”; I would have quit if I did. But yes, how often do I use it to gain an iota of more appreciation in a conversation with people (barring the IITs and couple of others) is the point? As in, is it just time that I harp upon and is that also the reason big companies come for recruiting there? Does just hanging in there add credibility (another angle to look at the same point would be from the point of view of our careers!)

    For point 2- granted. Its the time. Also, it played along with the rules (read: by giving paua seats et. al).

  5. i m not agree with this survey, BIT,Mesra is the reputed name n everybody knows bout its reputation n its exellent leadership.. i think it comes in the top 10,

  6. I strongly disagree with the ranking given given in 2001 ( 10th Rank in 2001) and 17 Rank in 2006. I don’t want to disclose the fact but if you want to know the fact then first you make RTI application to AICTE for BIT Mesra 2000-2001, 2001-2002 and get actual sanctioned streangth. Admission in all courses are more then the sanctioned streangth. Illegality in admission policy ( for 2001).
    India Today is better for Cricket news and not for ranking a educational institution which has given 10 position in student welfare whereas it should be Negative 10.

    For 2006 Ranking it is total absured. A institute cann’t be ranked among top which are running a course which is unapproved by Statury body ( AICTE) like MBA, BHMCT, MUP.

    Dear BITian you had spend good time in study only and didn’t care for the administation aspect. so think again. Where Justice is denied, you can’t rank it among top institute. Where student voice is not heard, should be included in among Top. But you can be among Top on paper and on Chamchagiri.

  7. I finished by BBA from BIT and to tell you the truth I was impressed by the curriculum it involved. At that time, Business Ethics was a new paper (even in IIMs) and not many other management school adopted it in their curriculum. But BIT did!
    I agree with the statement that grass is always greener on the other side.

    Thanks for refreshing the BIT memories.

  8. BIT Mesra is no doubt top 20 or top 25 institute of india. But it don’t deserve more than. First go and see quality of faculty and curriculum of IITs/IIIT H/few NITs and then compare. If BIT Mesra will unable not attract talented faculty in future, it will not even be in top 30.

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