I don’t know if India is Shining just yet, but this incident made me realize that India is definitely Changing!

My friend and I go to a taxi driver on a lazy Sunday afternoon at Kolkata.. The taxi driver is busy talking on his cell phone! (Yes!).. rather cuchie-cooing on his cell phone talking to who would (i’d guess!) be his childhood sweetheart (or Love at First Sight!).. Anyway, So we ask him.. “Bhaiya, Park Street”..

He gives us a look of anger.. at having been disturbed.. He gets out of his mesmerising conversation.. blocks the mouthpiece of his cell.. turns around.. and says:

“Nahin Sir.. abhi nahi!”..

…turns around.. and slips back into the oblivion we tried to get him out of!

Bad luck we thought.. Though I realized that increasingly Indians are beginning to make their own choices and Taxi-wallas are no exception! Communication has evolved and if nothing else, Dhirubhai Ambani’s vision has been fulfilled!


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