Music.. I LIKE!

1. “Yeh Mera Deewanapan hai” — The Namesake

This one’s from the movie “The Namesake”. I usually don’t enjoy remixes too much, but this one by Nitin Sahwney is brilliantly composed and has a very “trippy” feel to it. The original, sung by Mukesh, is form the movie Yahudi (1958) – written by Shailendra. The Namesake version has been sung by Susheela Raman who is a trained Carnatic Classical singer making waves in the UK and Australia as a Jazz Vocalist. I have recommended the song to lots of friends and almost all of them have loved it wondering how they missed it in the movie. In fact, I myself am surprised how such a brilliant piece of work (remix, but whatever!) was hardly written about!

2. “Rishtey” — Life in a .. METRO!

“Rishtey” is form the recently released movie “Life in a .. METRO”. The music by Pritam Chakraborty has a very “rock-ish” feel to it and he has wonderfully used KK in “Alvida” and “O Meri Jaan.” But if I were to pick my favourite in the album, it has got to be “Rishtey” – sung by Bangladeshi rock singer James. The lyrics by Sayeed Quadri very appropriately convey the message of the movie. James who shot to fame with “Na Jaane koi..” form the movie “Gangster” (the music for which was also composed by Pritam) retains the soulful melody in “Rishtey.” In fact, Rishtey is at times reminiscent of the former.

Each of the tracks has a very distint flavour and are sung in signature styles. I still wouldn’t call the music of “The Namesake” mainstream bollywood but if “Life in a .. METRO” goes down well with the audiences, it will bear testimony to the fact that Bollywood music is coming of age and there is scope for people to experiment!

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