Weekend TV on NDTV Profit!

A regular weekend gone by.. with a bit of TV.. The only times I usually watch TV are on Sunday afternoons after lunch.. and Saturday evenings if I’m at home.. NDTV Profit is a pretty neat channel I think.. and has a very informative and entertaining set of programmes that appeal to me..

Just Books – Sunil Sethi’s show for book-lovers including book releases, literary events, interviews with authors and celebrities talking about their reading habbits. Pretty interesting show and perhaps the only one dedicated only to books!

All About Ads – ” The name says it all – Indian and global advertising made accessible.” — That’s how NDTV.com describes the show.

Gadget Guru – All the gadgets, all the gyan. Gadget Guru takes a look at the coolest, hippest, funkiest gadgets out there, and gives you a detailed insight into gizmos.

The Car and Bike show – Siddharth Patankar does a pretty neat job and the format of the show is very atttractive.

Those are the ones I actually look forward to watching on weekends. Besides these I like catching up on shows like India Inc, Business on Course, Value for money, D Street this week every now and then..!

That’ll be it for now… Amen!

10 thoughts on “Weekend TV on NDTV Profit!

  1. If you have followed Gadget Guru for sometime, you would notice that they repeat the reviews after sometime. Probably they don’t get their hands on new stuff or they are trying to cater to the increased consumerism on the part of every rising-Indian-middle-class-wanting-to-look-rich.

    There’s even a term for the product range that is designed for this class of people – masstige. You may want to look it up.

  2. Yes.. sometimes.. What I also realized was they also repeat reviews and footage from Cell guru..!

    But thats ok.. I usually dont get to catch all of them every week.. so I havent come across “too many” repeated reviews..!

    Do you watch Just books??..

    Masstige is a nice addition to my vocab by the way… Thanks..

    One more thing… How can i comment on ur blog?… I couldnt get it! :(… Please enlighten!

  3. Yes, i agree with you on that, Gadget Guru does not get you the completely high-end gadgets that are at the cutting edge of technology.. They cater exactly to that particular class..
    .. thats probably what makes it easy for them to get those products easily form South-East Asia and beam it across!!

  4. Well, profit is good. but i think CNBC is catching on. There tech show on Sundays, i think its Tech2 or something is really good. Its fun, innovative and interactive. This week they actually gave seriously goos tips which most of us dont knw of! some cool site tips too. and Veer Das-i think his show is on this channel-is hilarious! I shud do a post only on him! Wish men like that were available! alas!

  5. The Site Is Very Good and abt the T.v Show in NDTV i.e: Gadget Gugu & Cell Guru are very good to watch as it give
    the knowledge to changing trendz in the market,
    & i request the NTDV (Gadget Gugu & Cell Guru) authorites
    to send me daily mails to my mail id.
    It will add more attraction and knowledge in the people.

  6. hii…so u all follow NDTV profit…i wanted to know the name of an anchor…i have become a huge fan of his.His convincing talks-jus too good!!!he talks throughout the day from mumbai studio..any ideaa…?

  7. @ Arrchana..

    Nop… The description you gave us could do with a bit of accuracy… I think there would be a lot of NDTV newscasters fitting that description..

    You could try going to their site and searching for profiles of their shows / readers..

    And if you DO end up finding out the guy… let us know! 😉

    Thanks for dropping by!

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