Are YOU a Pythagorean?

The first thing that hits your mind when you think of “Pythagoras” is (obviously!) The Pythagoras Theorem. I was surprised to know that his contribution in the field of Philosophy and Metempsychosis is equally significant.. if not more!

The transmigration of souls, or metempsychosis, is a concept which underpins Plato’s ideas concerning innate knowledge. Plato may have incorporated this concept from two Greek religious groups that preceded him: the Pythagoreans or the Orphics.

Transmigration of the soul (sometimes given simply as Transmigration) is a philosophy of reincarnation incorporating the specific belief that after death, the soul of a living being is then transferred (or transmigrates) into another living form and thus takes birth again. The philosophy of transmigration is often connected with a belief that the karma (or, the actions) of the soul in one life (or, more generally, a series of past lives) determines the future existence. It is a belief found within Hindu traditions (such as Yoga, Vaishnavism, and Jainism) and Greek philosophy.

It’s amazing how some people could think limitlessly..!

2 thoughts on “Are YOU a Pythagorean?

  1. hey amit, nice blog, vety interesting.. spent a good deal of time wading through ur many entries..

    this transmigration of the soul, is basically about mans afterlife… have u ever come across astral travel.. you know, people who have had out of body experiences.. in most cases they are declared medically dead, and then miraculously they are revived, and they can recount what happened during their “death” seen from a perspective far from their bodies ??? i found it quite interesting, and have spent nights trying to make my soul exit my body for even a few moments.. can u imagine how freeing that experience can be.. the burden of the body shed off.. though u might find it interesting enough to check out..

    pass my regards to auntie..

  2. Thanks Hamza!

    RADICAL Stuff…. are you heavily into Meditation or something?.. coz apart from that I dont know of another way to make your soul exit your body!

    I do find it interesting enough to check out… more when we meet / talk / chat!


    and read on…! 🙂

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