Now THAT’S Funny!!

One thing I follow strictly (I mean, I don’t have to make an effort to do that, it just happens!) is to switch on the TV and turn to a news Channel to get a wrap of “what’s happening!” over breakfast! So, this morning I decided to say hi to “Headlines Today”.. I do remember that their Newsreaders seem innocent, bubbly .. (of the “cho chweet” kind!) who you would rather expect to see in a movie like Fool ‘N Final. They did not fail to tingle my senses today either. – Rahul Dravid and the Indian Cricket team has left for the England Tour without a coach and WITH Chandu Borde who does not know what capacity he is traveling in. Which essentially means Rahul Dravid is the Karta-Dharta of the team.


Headlines Today featured the Indian Tour of England this morning. So far so good. What was not-so-good, however, was “The Analysis” which was being carried out by 3 Mandirai-inspired ladies in Jeans and T-shirts sitting in the Newsroom giggling their hearts away as if they were discussing Mills & Boon.


One of them said “With so much on his shoulders, Rahul Dravid must be feeling like a Grandfather.”
To which another one replied: “If Rahul Dravid is feeling like a grandfather, Chandu Borde must be feeling like a Great Grandfather. Hehehehehe”


… And the 3 burst out Laughing… What fun!! 🙂

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