iWaiter: The “Forbidden” Apple

There was the iMac. Then there was the iPod. Then there was the iPhone.

Now, there is the iWaiter.

The iPhone has recently been launched in the US. The cost of an iPhone is USD 500. Obviously, the people who can afford the iPhone are the upwardly mobile or the working professionals with a high opportunity cost. It is therfore, surprising to learn that particularly in New York and San Fransisco, there are queues in front Apple stores waiting to buy the iPhone which has been released in limited editions presently. This has also generated tertiary employment by creating a new breed of “iWaiters” who will spend the night standing in queues for a fee of $ 200. In fact, there are ads on ebay for “professional waiters” or “professional queuers”…!


Official Pictures

Thanks to Aplia Econ Blog, for this article. 

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