Taking stock .. of TalkingTails!

Incidentally, I started this blog on Valentine’s Day earlier this year.. (I am mentioning it for the pure “incidental” value of the fact and Nothing else!!) .. Given my lazy bones, I don’t know how far this is gonna go.. and how long Blogging as a medium is going to sustain my interest, but I don’t see my enthusiasm waning anytime soon — thanks to some regular readers and some regular bloggers whose blogs I like going through in my spare time. Besides, its a medium that lets you connect and makes thought (& knowledge!) ubiquitous!

We think. We blog. We know.

There are a lot of blogs which inspired me to hop onto the blogging bandwagon but the ones I’d like to mention are:
KK’s Blog — Brilliantly maintained.. And I keep learning so much by going through this guy’s blog!
Suchintya’s Blog — “Danda” (as we call him!) has the ability to think beyond.. and that reflects on each one of his posts!
Sasanka’s Blogs — Genuine, honest, direct and simple! What more can I say?

And then there were some that were “inspired” by TalkingTails:
Amrisha’s Blog
Writankar’s Blog
Pratyay’s Blog
Shirin’s Blog

Sean’s Blog

I thought I wouldn’t be mentioning this bit. But then I was casually talking about it with a friend and she said.. “What the heck?!.. You should mention it.. it’s YOUR blog.. You write what YOU want!”.. 🙂

All the Blogs I read regularly are already on my Blogroll; there’s no point mentioning them all over again..!
Among all the comments in the You Speak – Feedback Section, there is one from an old friend which says:

“Write some kick-ass, relaxed fun stuff as well…and write the way you talk…the blog will be even better!!”

5 thoughts on “Taking stock .. of TalkingTails!

  1. I rarely appreciate things.. U know not that buttering types.. but when i saw this chaps’ blog I got really inspired and started writing my own… i would always say that someday i would write an ODE to this person…and that day would be soon ….
    He had no complaints how many times I asked him about font and all the stuff etc.
    However, since its only through net that we are connected, I never saw is face when I wud put a naive question…

    Thanks to the INSPIRER(does this word really exist in my dictionary.. Hehehe!).. but he is one of the GEMS when we talk about BLOGGERS…..

    CHIOOOOOOOOO….. and happy blogging!

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