Nostalgia — BIT Mesra!

You like it. You hate it. — You just can’t forget the days you’ve spent there!

Maybe it’s the place that gets you. Or the people you meet there. Whatever it is, the images get etched in your mind.. Forever!

Edit: For the record (and the sake of avoiding controversy, confusion!), this video has NOT been captured by me. It has been captured by Parthojit (2K3, HM)..! Thanks! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Nostalgia — BIT Mesra!


    I believe that the video is cool…. but hey next time if any 1 of us again go to our Alma Mater …. kindly make a new video with some story telling…. cos this video is abrupt…. but still we as BITians can feel the essence .. wat say Amit….

  2. @ Dinsan,

    Yes.. that is my college campus… shot in the video… BIT Mesra! .. thats where I graduated with a Computer Engineering Degree.. 🙂

    @ Gaurav ..

    Thanks man! 🙂 ..

  3. @ Partho..

    I didnt know YOU had captured it mann… Anywayz, its good work.. in fact, im glad we know “who” captured the video.. I was anywayz trying to find out who it was…. Saw the video on YOUtube … so posted a link here for my friends..!

    No hard feelings…. if u want .. I can remove it!

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