Knowledge Management: Using the Web!

In this post, written a few days ago, I had mentioned how large organizations benefit from their Corporate Blogging Initiatives, both internal as well as external. It is clear that there are 3 basic reasons — which are rooted in the very nature in which the information flows via blogs — why these initiatives are successful:

1. Viral nature: Information from blogs spread fast and wide without any direct marketing efforts

2. The ability to utilize Social Networks to spread faster and to the intended audience

3. Instant feedback

Observing changes in the way organizations manage their knowledge has interested me of late. I’ve also been spurred by the internal blogs maintained at my workplace. In fact, if the figures are actually true, then having an internal blogging can also help reduce attrition. Personally, i would agree to such a hypothesis, although there is no way to conclusively verify its correctness. Cognizant’s internal blogging community is literally exploding with blogs on topics as inane as puzzles and Calvin ‘n Hobbes to structured Wikis on constructive knowledge-sharing! In fact, Wikis go a long way in satisfying an organizations need for Knowledge Management.

I found an insane number of books on the subject, but going by’s reviews and recommendations, the following seem interesting:

1. Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers — by Blogger and technical evangelist Robert Scoble.

2. Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything

3. The Corporate Blogging Book

On a lighter note, and while we’re talking about Social Networks and its viral nature (they are not completely unrelated!), closer home there have been a number of Viral Marketing initiatives of late. Read this interesting post on a friend’s blog!

5 thoughts on “Knowledge Management: Using the Web!

  1. Viral Marketing really works well on the internet, much better than IRL (in real life) because disseminating information is so easy now. Lots of companies do it, even big tech giants (Ms.Dewey by MSFT)!

    And great blog. Maintaining enterprise wide information is seeing a paradigm shift thanks to concepts like Wiki. There is also a lot of effort to have structured wikis (companies like Jotspot, which was recently acquired by GOOG). Hopefully, it will make finding information a lot easier in the enterprise. Sharepoint is also a very useful offering by the big giant from Redmond. That goes for information used within the enterprise.

    Blogs are definitely being used to communicate to customers.

    Another aspect is social networking, esp. some of the sites which use social networking for customer support. There was a company in this space which got acquired by HP (or someone else – I don’t remember).

  2. @ Dinsan


    @ Kpower ..

    Thanks for all the insights! 🙂

    Yes… Internal Wikis work wonderfully well.. I have seen it first-hand too! .. YOu can form communities and share generic information, project-specific knowledge and I’m sure it would have a lot of other wide-spread application which would come out in time! … I’m excited!

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