Social Networking: Facebook, Orkut .. (& the works!)

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The impact of Social Networking websites (more so on the average young net-user!) cannot be exaggerated. There are Orkut and Facebook (really, the more popular ones in the “jungle out there!”).. which are pureplay Social Networking websites. Then there are Professional Networking sites like Linked In which primarily cater to Professionals for “Professional Networking.” LinkedIn has a rather professional feel to it and the layout of the site itself is resume-like. Also, it includes a feature which enables your present / past colleagues to recommend you and talk about how the experience of working with you was.

So far so good! … Now, the meet! — To my utter amazement, I came across this post which talked about Professional Networking sites where even your “friends” can write reccomendations for you. Hmm… Let me see… Would that be “Socio-Professional” networking?! πŸ˜€ ..

Anyway, the site in question (Yes, the “Socio-professional” networking website!) is Interstingly, I clicked on the link and I found this message:


I left a comment on there expressing my surprise at the number of Social Networking sites that are mushrooming and the fact that people are actually signing up on so many of them! This is the response I got:

“Yeah I agree. I find it difficult to manage so many networks though. I need a program to assimilate everything now!”

A “program” for managing profiles on Social Networks??… Hmmmm…. I hope my geekier buddies are reading this.. Unless there are some that have already eben created!

Networking, I agree, is a must. But I was quite content with orkut until I recently joined Facebook and realized that it offers a lot more than orkut. What I liked best was that you could integrate your WordPress blog into Facebook so your posts and comments can pretty much be on your Profile page on Facebook. (So, basically you can read the last 3 posts on TalkingTails from My Facebook Profile!) Besides, there are a lot of other nice applications and widgets that you can drag-and-drop onto your profile — Including integration with (a Social Bookmarking website — Very soon we need a New Dictionary with some 100 new terms starting with the word “Social”).

Amen to that! — & Have a nice Weekend!

12 thoughts on “Social Networking: Facebook, Orkut .. (& the works!)

  1. @Amit,

    Nice post! Doostang is not available in India, as far as I know. I had invited a couple of people from India and they couldn’t get in. I agree about Facebook- I really like it. I used to be very active on Orkut, but now I’m moving away. LinkedIn is another very good professional networking site, in case you are interested.

  2. @ Ruhi ..

    Yes I am registered on LinkedIn… Got myself registered last week.. will give it some more time once I can manage to! :-)..

    Also, that image on my post was clipped off form the side (I have modified it now!).. I got the same message about the service not being available in “My Country”… Social Discrimination?… Ha! πŸ˜€

  3. Wrote such a long comment… and it vanished. Anyway,

    Social Discrimination?

    I would like to think not. Doostang is to do with online job posting and probably India is not such a lucrative market right now. Ignoring 1.2 bn people isn’t a good idea in the long run.

    Btw, you can also check out my other blog (embedded in my name).

  4. SocialNets mushroom like lice on the internet now πŸ˜‰ If you read techcrunch, you will find a new one everyday. From connecting homosexuals in the US to dog-owners whose dogs have between three and five teeth, you’d find a social net practically about everything now.

    In fact, there are a number of social networking platforms like You could just go there and register your own social network in minutes!

    Social nets sure are useful, but they are a big waste of time. A waste of time, I don’t particularly mind. But a waste of time nevertheless πŸ˜‰

  5. Well, the new orkut interface is a good initiative, lacks the multitude of features that facebook has to offer which is using the so-called Web-2.0 tech. Another thing that i noticed in facebook today were some huh? “RSS feeds” is yet another feature that has got me interested a lot. How did ya get your orkut profile’s feed on this page?

  6. @ RaWMaN

    I don’t have Orkut Profile’s feeds on this page. Rather, I have the feeds form this blog on my Orkut Profile. You probably meant how I managed to get my blog posts on my Orkut / facebook proflies.. That’s simple.. all you need to do is copy-paste ur RSS Feed URL in the appropriate places.. and U’re done!

  7. @ Reema,

    Yes.. SecondLife is actually a virtual world / game.. I haven’t tried it.. I want to though… If I had a 25-hour day, the extra one hour would be it! πŸ˜‰

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