New Look Orkut!

For some unknown reason, I haven’t been logging-in to Orkut very frequently these days apart from just checking / replying to an odd scrap here and there. Logged in today after quite a while… Noticed the “New Look”..


The new ‘rolled-up’ look makes it resemble a more sophisticated layout.. Which I personally feel is not completely in sync with Google’s penchant for keeping the User Interfaces simple. They have also mentioned that they’re rolling it out to “groups of users” at a time.

It’s only the ‘look’ is new. Functionality-wise I still feel its very basic and does not contain the 1001-different things-you-can-do applications that Facebook provides.

Tech2 says:

“Orkut users can now start blogging as Orkut have promised to introduce a new feature for blogging.”

Another change I noticed, earlier on the left hand bottom corner of your screen, there was this:


Now, there is a Google Logo appearing at the bottom right corner:


Perhaps suggesting that Google wants to associate itself with Orkut more tightly.

Anyway, this is what the people who run the show had to say about it on the Official Orkut Blog.

Edit: I just noticed that now you can add Images and Youtube videos to your Scraps. .. That’s a new thing then.. to go with the ‘New Look!’…

12 thoughts on “New Look Orkut!

  1. Yupp… The things Google does… Not left with much of a choice.. Although I recently joined facebook.. and I must say, FB totally takes the cake as far as the features are concerened… Orkut that way is pretty basic.. but anyway… serves me just fine! πŸ™‚

  2. Umm..I commented the same thing on Arvind’s blog too…Orkut has absolutely no features when you compare it to Facebook…the latter has lots of applications and privacy settings.

    I would suggest that you join Facebook.

    @kpower, search for digg in the FAQ at WP. You need to register with, then submit your posts to them, get the url and insert in in [digg=”url”] at the end of your post.

  3. @ Kpower..
    Agreed! … For every post, it is a bit of hard work! .. but if you want to highlight a particular post, then it won’t take you more than a minute to copy paste the submitted URL and edit your post.. maybe its worth it if a particular post is getting a lot of traffic and contains insights!

    ** NOTE: I just added the Digg button “for kicks”… to see if it look jazzy… :D..

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