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Recently added a “Digg it” button to some of my posts.. Not just (!) because I thought that my posts are top-notch pieces of literature and worth Digging.. Jokes apart, was just trying to tinker around and see if WordPress actually makes it easy to incorporate a Digg widget into a post .. and it does!

For the uninitiated:

“Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog, Digg surfaces the best stuff as voted on by our users. You won’t find editors at Digg — we’re here to provide a place where people can collectively determine the value of content and we’re changing the way people consume information online.”

— Source: What is Digg? on Digg.com

What I really liked about Digg is that it respects good content. And it is the users who do it! — You and Me!.. If you like a story you “Digg it”.. much like voting a story so it goes a notch higher and gets noticed among other Digg users.

Although Digg.com is very popular in the West (Digg has recently signed an advertising deal with Microsoft), I don’t know how many of us actually use it and “Digg” stuff we like! basically how it works is you Log into Digg.com on the machine you are surfing from and then if you come across any page / site / blog then click on the “Digg it”button next to it (if there is one!).. or if u REALLY want to submit the story, you can go to Digg.com and Submit a New Story!

Anyway, I’ve added the following posts from Talking Tails (which I thought readers of this blog liked the most!) to Digg and added a “Digg It” button on the top right corner:

Doing this will help me achieve 3 objectives:

  1. Find out how many people READ my blog! .. (I know WordPress Stats are there.. but still!)
  2. Find out how many of my readers actually USE Digg.com.
  3. Act as a cheap publicity stunt for the more well-received among my posts! (which I’ve very shamelessly listed and Dug above!)

5 thoughts on “Digg this!

  1. @ Kpower..

    Nop… didnt add the Digg button to this one on purpose… Didnt expect people to “Digg this one”… In any case I have added the button only to the most frequented post / which I thought people might wanna “digg”.. More like an experiment of sorts… do u use Digg to report posts or read good ones Digged by others??

    @ Avinash..

    Thanks dude…! 🙂

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