17 thoughts on “UNITED STATES OF INDIA!

  1. I like the name “Gantantra Bharat”. Btw, why have they renamed Bangalore as Bengaluroo? (or whatever?). Sound yucky…these politicians are ruining all the names anyway. So why not United Stated of India? ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. According to our Constitution, there are officially 2 names:

    India; and

    United States of India sounds more like a cheap imitation.. On a lighter note, maybe having that name would make our disparate and disjoint states more united.. Or at least give the OUTSIDE world the impression! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. United States of India makes it feel more like a federated arrangement. Independent states held together by a weak central government. The emphasis is on the states rather than the country. While the reality is that India is more of a centralized government where a bulk of our policies are defined by the center.

  4. @ Kpowerinfinity..

    Yes. Having the word “States”, would give one that impression.
    But having “United” states would probably would make it feel more like a land of diversity with a Unity of Purpose! .. Which is true.. we DO have a sense of Patriotism and belonging.. but Would a word like “United” in the NAME of a country actually heighten the sense of belonging to a land of many people?

  5. In oaths taken up by army officials, they refer to it as “Union of India”. Infact many govt. forms (like PAN card form, driving license form etc.) also show it as “Union of India”. According to dictionary meaning, Union does refer directly to United States. So may be knowingly or unknowingly, we are “united states of india”
    However, passports show the name as “Republic of India”. Cant figure out the reason. someone help!!

  6. @ Dushyant..

    Yes I’ve also wondered why the Passport says “Republic of India”…. and not just “INDIA!” ….

    @ dkd

    Yes … most of the cities’ names are being “Indian”-ised…

  7. @ Tadepally,

    Wow! – But that complicate things, wouldn’t it? … Although considering how fragmented our politicians are, they would jump at your suggestion, my friend!

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