Twenty 20 World Cup: 5 most Memorable Moments!

After a long time, I have enjoyed watching cricket. Twenty20 is exciting, fast, full of drama and nothing could have been better for an Indian cricket fan than to see India being crowned Champions!

The 5 most memorable moments of the tournament (fortunately found all the videos on YouTube!).. (in chronological order)

1. India-Pakistan Group Match – BOWL-OUT

The first (and only) bowl-out in the series. Enough has been said about Dhoni’s choice of bowlers including picking up slow bowlers and giving the ball to Uthappa and Sehwag who hadn’t bowled in the match! .. Good stuff! .. More so ‘coz all this was against Pakistan.. Cricket-ainment at its best!



2. Yuvraj Singh – 6 sixes!

Sir Garfield Sobers and Ravi Shastri did it in first class cricket. Herschelle Gibbs did it against Netherlands. Yuvraj Singh did it in the Twenty20 World Cup!. The Bowler — Staurt Broad. The opponents.. England! The occasion.. couldn’t have been bigger.. Sweet Revenge!



3. Bhajji doing the Bhagra!

Against Australia.. Just when India’s about to win! .. Captures the spirit of the team really.. FREE to play.. Unafraid to express! .. Very different from the Indian teams seen in the recent past!



4. Sreesanth dismissing Hayden

India have always been and behaved like minnows against Australia. It was nice to see Sreesanth giving them a dose of their own medicine. I agree at times he does look like he’s bigger than his boots but this was his day.. and he was BLAZING!



5. Game, Set, Match & Championship!

Dhoni lifting the cup! .. There was a power failure at my place at this point.. WHat timing, I thought! .. Called up a friend to at least listen to what Dhoni had to say in the presentation. I remember he’d said some really classic stuff at the Presentations of some of the earlier matches. What I appreciate about DHoni is his no-nonsense approach to speaking in front of the media and audiences… Straight from the heart!



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21 thoughts on “Twenty 20 World Cup: 5 most Memorable Moments!

  1. Cool videos. we blogged abt the same thing! iT was quite an event, wasnt it! Just one thing-for some reason the text on ur blog is not visible till i select it. and then it becomes invisible again. wonder if its a problem only im facing!

  2. @ Ruhi..

    Was a cricket-lover as a kid… in College I didnt get too much time.. so it was just the papers.. and the odd exciting match in the common room of our hostels… (where the environment was no less than a stadium!).. Twenty20 is good… its quick.. gets over fast.. and something keeps happening every ball!

  3. @ pure..

    Yes we did…. It’s hard to resist actually.. I had decided not to blog about cricket coz it wud be corny.. but this is too big to miss! ;)…

    Yes, do u use Mozilla or IE??.. coz i just realized that the same thing happens if i view it with IE at home…Maybe therez a problem with the theme… Investigating..!

  4. I use IE. Probably some theme problem. Nothing can be corny about cricket man! There have been times when I have worn the Team India T-shirt and watched matches (2003 WC) and dressed all in blue whenever there was an India (thru college!) lolz! Investigate Sherlock!

  5. @ nishu

    Oh totally.. Although I thouroughly enjoyed the victory, I think the Indian media has (yet again!) blown it out of proportion.. are they regretting creating all that hype already?.. I’d love to find out! πŸ˜€

  6. Got to give MS Dhoni the credit really. There is some spirit inside him that refuses to lose and get dejected. After losing the opening matches against Australia, India did manage a come back of sorts today.

    For me one of the best moments of the T20 World Cup was when a journalist asked Dhoni about how he felt after winning that match against Pakistan in the bowl out.

    Dhoni said, “I feel great. It’s a nice feeling..y know. You don’t win cricket matches 3-0 everyday”

    I thought that was really witty and clever of him.

  7. @ Ish

    No doubt about it.. Dhoni does have a way with the press… having done my engineering from BIT Mesra, I had a few batchmates who have played cricket with him in school / district levels.. and they keep telling me that he has a spirit and has a way with people… No wonder the press is ga-ga over him!

  8. Its just so much fun watching these videos again..guess maybe we rarely see such outstanding displays from our team. Nice compilation.

  9. & Kvhurin

    No doubt about it.. Dhoni seems good with words.. Honest, direct .. As of now he seems to be Indian crickets new pin-up boy.. Hope his honeymoon with the media continues..!

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