Rambling #70!

Twenty20 is over… (read this on KK’s Blog.. Really funny!).. The fever is over.. and after the GRAND welcome our heroes received at Mumbai, it required a thumping loss at the hands of the Aussies to bump out all our energy!

In other ramble, a lot of people have been asking me for advice, most of the time we ask for advice when we already know what we “want to hear”.. But that’s not worth a ramble!

In more ramble, I have a running nose.. But I just realized that’s of no consequence to my readers.. Hence, not worth a ramble!.. Actually, in any case not worth a ramble!

In other ramble, I had written a post on Knowledge Management (KM) .. and one on Dilbert. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Dilbert on Knowledge Management!


Hmmm…. Scott Adams spares NONE!

Anyway, In still other ramble, I wonder why I don’t usually blog about work. Looking at this Dilbert strip, I’m glad I don’t!


Going by the following one, I haven’t been asked to either.. so I’m safe! πŸ˜‰


In the last and certainly the least important ramble, TalkingTails is all set to touch 10,000 page views! .. Now that’s really not worth a ramble either.. I’ll stop.. I can spare You! πŸ˜€

8 thoughts on “Rambling #70!

  1. Cool comics! lolz! The founding fathers one was really funny! hmmm! Let’s see what happens in the next odi. Will Mahi n his men lose their face!! Ha ha! 10,000 visitors is cool! landmark! tht is if u didn’t tamper with the site counter! hahahaahhahaahh!

  2. Another comic geeky crowd might like is XKCD. Check out xkcd.com.

    Scott Adams is, of course, a master. So’s Watterson. These people really say such powerful things so simply (and with such straight face)!

    Congratulations on 10k. Hope that going forward, growth will be exponential and you’ll touch 100k soon!

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