Rambling # 71

Paid one of my regular visit to Crossword / Oxford Bookstore today. I was a little surprised to see Movie DVDs and VCDs being sold for as low as Rs. 35 and Rs. 49 respectively. Seems like the Companies are planning to fight piracy with all their might! Moser Baer has come up with a line of CDs and DVDs at prices as low as that and some GOOD old as well as new Hindi movies for Rs. 35. The English movies were the slightly less heard-of ones but that’s understandable. In any case people with a penchant for watching “good” movies can be categorized into one of either of these:

  1. Students: Who would in any case “utilize” the power of LANs and download to their heart’s content anything that has ever appeared on ANY entertainment media!
  2. The educated working class: And if they’re the sorts who’s like “good” (pardon my overuse of the word within quotes!), they wouldn’t be too bothered about the price primarily ‘coz they can afford it.

Anyway, why am I justifying the pricing strategies of the T-Series and Moser Baer’s of the world? .. .. Anyway, some casual conversation with the store-attendants rrevealed that T-series is planning to come out with Hindi Movie VCDs for Rs. 18 and DVDs for Rs. 25! … Phew..! .. I remember, as a kid, I used to save every bit of my pocket money to collect Rs. 16 / Rs. 18 so I could buy an Audio Cassette… (One of those 2-movies-in-one cassette things: 1 on each side!)… Times surely have changed!

Also, I got hold of an album I had been looking for in my dust-covered audio cassette box for a long time. It’s called Chants of India by Pandit Ravi Shankar, Produced by George Harrison. It offers some very refreshing music and my personal favorite from the album is the track called Mangalam — If any of you reading this enjoy the sound of the Mridangam, you wouldn’t want to miss listening to it!

Just stumbled upon: The Marwari entrepreneur communityAn interesting article.

Currently reading: Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

Listening to: Turn the Page by Bob Seger

(If you haven’t heard the song “Turn the Page” Click on the link (YouTube video), you won’t dislike it at all.. In fact, a friend of mine likes this song so much that she wants to go for drives just to listen to this song play in the car!)

9 thoughts on “Rambling # 71

  1. I think it makes sense to sell CDs for so less. You get 4 movies in a DVD here on footpaths for about 60 bucks — however the quality is quite bad. And again, with downloads/video libraries the quality is not guaranteed. I think they are trying to compete with video lending libraries with the price since they usually charge around 30 bucks for a day. Haven’t visited Crossword for sometime — I should.

    Somehow, I have never liked listening to Classical music from CDs as much as live concerts. They just bring so much life into music there!

    BTW, Reliance ADAG owns Adlabs. I am sure they want more 😛

  2. I agree with Kpower. It makes sense to sell it at that price. And also with all original dvds and vcds people are getting “bonus” stuff. Either deleted scenes or behind the scenes or interviews and the works which pirated stuff probably won’t offer. And on sales, its a feast for buyers! visit music world or planet m on the first day of the sale. it’s a loot!

  3. Interesting, you mention Chants. I have had the CD a while and reviewed it a couple years ago.


    Depending on perspective, people think of it as classical or pop music. I think it is more pop (going by what pop music means – accessible to many, if not always of the best quality..).

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier.

  4. @ Pure..

    Yeah, as a kid I used ot buy a lot of music.. Once I got to college, Music and movies became so freely available that it was considered a crime to PAY for music.. it was unheard of! … Download was the buzzword!.. Actually, it wasnt even a buzzword.. it was as ubiquituos as breathing… (Beg your pardon for overdoing it!) 😉

    @ Shefaly..

    Yeah.. Although you’ve hit the nail on the head as far as the reaching-out-to-many-bit is concerned, I would still refrain from calling it Pop.. for 2 reasons..

    1. It has a huge amount of GOOD classical elements throwm in there..

    2. People usually associate Pop with “mush”..

    Glad you liked it too.. Don’t you like “Mangalam” a lot?.. I think it’s thee track of the album!

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