Bloggers now threatened as much as journalists in traditional media

— according to Reporters Without Borders.

Reporters Without Borders is an organization that has been fighting for freedom of the press globally since its inception in 1985. It recently released the Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2007 (for the sixth year in a row) which ranks countries based on certain questionnaires given out to their associates all over the world.


  • The top 14 countries are from Europe
  • The United States is not ranked very highly on this scale.. (Contrary to what most of us would think “obvious”).. it ranks # 48.
  • India is ranked 120.
  • China is ranked 163 (almost at the bottom of the table!)

According to the RWB website, this is the methodology they followed:

Reporters Without Borders compiled this index by sending a questionnaire to the 15 freedom of expression organisations throughout the world that are its partners, to its network of 130 correspondents, and to journalists, researchers, jurists and human rights activists. It contained 50 questions about press freedom in their countries. The index covers 169 nations. Other countries were not included because of lack of data.

Catch the Full Report (pdf) Here.

4 thoughts on “FREEDOM… TO BE!

  1. I was reading the report. Just packing up to leave. Alarming. Wondering what kind of a profession is this? The least one can do is respect people in whatver they are doing. Now even bloggers are arrested for speaking their mind. Journalists are attacked! They have always been anyway. In India “patrakars” have no respect! I am both a journalist and a blogger! Sheesh! Double prison for me then!

  2. I’m not surprised that US is at #48. A number of news channels are closely aligned with either the Democrats or the Republics. Same goes for the newspapers. Apart from this, The Patriots Act that was passed recently has changed the landscape of American journalism quite a bit.

  3. @ pure..

    Hehe! .. “Double Prison”… 😉

    I know.. But increasingly I think the Press is beginning to take a lot of liberties.. as long as they don’t infringe upon an individual’s privacy and don’t indulge in propaganda, anyone is free to at least speak his / her mind.. Isn’t that a fundamental right?

  4. @ Ruhi..

    Some news channels in India are also aligned.. a few are vocal about it.. some others chose to remain subtle with their views.. in order to maintain the “WE bring you the Truth” kind of an image!

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