Friends, RELIANCE & countrymen!

I miss the “school gang.” We were a cohesive group of 7 who are now a scattered bunch.

One of them – R1 is working with a leading advertising agency in Mumbai and I was mighty surprised to discover that his agency was the one behind the Reliance “Bol India Bol” campaign. I quite liked the Reliance Mobile Ads on TV which are beemed during the cricket matches. He forwarded the link to this really funny viral:

Another one of them – R2 thought “this must go into my blog” – Man in India marries dog as atonement. I wonder why though, but I am in no mood to question – Have my hands full right now!

Amen! πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Friends, RELIANCE & countrymen!

  1. Sadly, none of my school friends seem to be bloggers! Cant seem to find them on web. 😦

    That man marrying dog news I hated. I read it on so many places. On dilbert blog, sepia mutiny..uh…give me a break these people, will they 😦

    And I liked bol india bol ads too, they are humorous! πŸ™‚

  2. i still dont get the sense in making ads like “bol india bol” and “yeh india ka cricket hai”… No one remembers what product is being advertised .. πŸ˜€

  3. @ Nishu

    I think more than making it a product-centric ad, the strategy (here!) is different.. it is to beam as much of the ad as possible on television so as to get the consumer’s mind share.. rather than highlight the quality of service being offered..

  4. Well, I cannot understand the Indian media thing but, as far as my school friends, of course they do not even know what a blog is lol, this not being the point though.

    What I want to say is that I also, when I was 20-30, lost most of them, scattered here and there. Once in a while we tried to meet (we actually did) but it felt so uncomfortable, like grown-ups trying to re-live childish stuff that was forever gone.

    Later though, from 50 on, we curiously got more united again, this happening little by little, with our meetings more and more comfortable and usually occurring in restaurants within the area of Rome where our district (and of course our school) was.

    What I mean is that our dinners were more and more (still are) full of true love: love for true friends, love for life, love for the extreme and perfect joys of early youth we were so lucky we’d shared together and so happy we could totally re-live, even though for the space of a Roman dinner (which is long, to tell the truth lol)

    All the best

  5. @ ManOfROma

    Wonderful! .. Nice to know that your circle of friends has re-united… Better late than never.. and Thanks for sharing it with us!

    My school gang.. yeah we are a scattered bunch all right, but thanks to the internet, we do stay in touch .. and we make it a point to meet whenever possible.. Like if one of us is down, the others try and make it at the same time!

    And about the Roman Dinner, the foodie that I am.. I am salivating even at the mention! :mrgreen:

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