Ek Ticket Pe Ek Ticket FREE — Yeah Right!

During the training period with my employer, we had an introductory course on Corporate Communication. The articulate lady talked about the various forms / means of Business Communication and ways to enhance it. She had a sense of humour that could put jesters in Akbar’s Court to shame – which is probably why I remember what semantic distortion means. Last week I had a first-hand experience of the time that one can end up wasting if caught in the twisted maze of marketing (mis) communication.

I was planning to catch a movie over the weekend and I chanced upon this advertisement in The Telegraph. Here:

(Click to enlarge)

Book My Show

Obvious Reaction: Great! — EXACTLY what I needed!

Obvious next step:
Logged on to www.bookmyshow.comYeah Baby, I got an ICICI Bank Credit Card.. Book MY show! — Do ka Ek!

And then.. I see this:

—Buy one get one free for ICICI Platinum,Signature and Titanium card holders (A user has to purchase a minimum of 2 tickets)
—Buy two get one free for ICICI Gold card holders (A user has to purchase a minimum of 3 tickets)
—Buy three get one free for ICICI Silver card holders (A user has to purchase a minimum of 4 tickets)

The point is they had mentioned NOTHING in the advertisement apart from the “Conditions Apply” next to the asterisk. I ended up wasting 15 minutes logging on thier website and reading the fine-print!

Why can’t it be “Buy 2 get 2 free”?? .. (which incidentally is the best case – Since for all other cases, you have to buy 3 or even 4 to get even ONE free ticket.

Why lie so blatantly just to get hits / clicks?.. Is this even ethical?

1. My ‘grievances’ are only against http://www.bookmyshow.com. I am a happy ICICI Bank Customer!

2. Read this classic Interview with a Consumer Rights Champion on Poonam’s Blog.

6 thoughts on “Ek Ticket Pe Ek Ticket FREE — Yeah Right!

  1. Yes, so much happens unfairly with this over-used and mis-used phrase conditions apply!

    And thanks for linking the interview, that’s so cool. I hardly promote, but for this post was thinking what should I do to have more readers and more stories. This linking certainly helps. πŸ™‚

  2. Well…the little asterixes hold a lot of weight!~ its like getting calls from airtel that pay 500 rs to get calls worth 500 free!
    i don’t know what to say to these people sometimes.
    banking people aren’t too good either…

    good blog, gonna grab your feed, see you around πŸ™‚


  3. @ Nothingman

    They do.. provided the “Conditions” that “apply” are clarified close to where the asterisks are placed… not in a Disclaimer link hidden in some remote corner of the website… thats ROBBING!


    Glad you liked TalkingTails! πŸ™‚

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