Notes from the Weekend & OSO

After a long time, I’ve had a FULL weekend to myself. Sometimes it’s a good feeling when you do NOTHING! I had been missing the monotony of “nothingness” for quite some time now. Probably since I passed out of college. The last 2 days were good! I was “bored!” .. and it was GOOD! πŸ™‚

One of the things I did in this otherwise very lazy weekend, was to move my lazy bum to watch OSO. Much has been said about it in the media / blogs / news channels. I have nothing significant to add to it except for one observation. The last song in the movie which appears in the last scene before the “revelation” appeared totally copied from The Phantom Of the Opera. I was lucky to catch the theater in Singapore (Read about my “Phantom” experience here) and anyone who has seen the Opera (either the theater or the movie) would agree that the following things seemed “inspired” (and I’m using a mild word here!):

  • The Set (Yes.. “Om Shanti Om” ka set looked like an enhanced version of the set from the famous musical!)
  • The Masquerade (again, DITTO!)
  • The Music (Similar..)
  • And.. The MOST striking resemblance: The chandelier crashing down from the ceiling! — This was probably the highlight of the play and it was shamelessly copied into OSO – In any case they claim to have made a spoof on nearly everything, so..!)

In other notes – T, a colleague and a friend, has started blogging. I used to fill him in on my “Blog-capades” from time to time and wanted him to get hooked on to it because I knew he can express.. and express well! .. Take a look at Rambling Routes – I am sure you will all love it! And while we’re on getting “hooked”, T is incidentally getting married a little later this month. If you guys saw the “Pi Vs. I” post, you will also like the following improvisation I made for T — he liked it! :mrgreen:


Here’s wishing him an Extremely happy married life!

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17 thoughts on “Notes from the Weekend & OSO

  1. Thanks a lot, Amit!! Now, everybody knows about my impending doom! πŸ™‚ BTW thanks (no sarcasm this time) also for “inspiring” me to initiate my blog, (some shameless publicity here!!). On a more serious note, it’s great being(about to get, at any rate) married. I would recommend it to everybody in a heartbeat…

  2. YEAH! OSO is a copy but how many here have seen Phantom! Yeah, the movie, perhaps…! Anyway, the first half was rocking! Ina rasacals, mind it! i was rolling with laughter!!!! ANd yeah, its “about time” u got married! Let’s drink (tea) to that!

  3. @ Pure..

    First half was a lot better than the second half.. but yeah.. Second half was “torturous” at times… Overall the movie wasnt “as bad” as some people claimed it is!

    Marriage… Yeah Rite! :mrgreen:

  4. OSO was a copied movie right, left and center. The idea was old, the sets was inspired and the chandelier scene happens in every second or third daily soap or movie. The thing is that it was entertaining and that’s what matters to me. We should not always bother about the story in the movies lol.

    And I love that pic lol, you could start a series like that! By the way, happy marriage and happy writing, Mr. T.

  5. @ Ish,

    Yeah totally.. it’s the sort of movie that you should not use ur brains with.. and once in a while it’s good!

    And the reason I mentioned the “chandelier” and “masquerade” bit is coz i hadnt seen anyone else notice the fact that it was so obviously lifted form the Opera! … Anyway! πŸ™‚ … I’m not complaining.. it was funny in parts.. so its all cool!

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