Discipline is everything


Although this has been said a zillion times I wonder how many of us follow it and practice it in our daily lives. This is where I totally respect my mom. Her single-minded devotion to her Guru and His teachings inspire me to bring some discipline into my daily life as well. I passed out of college last year and since then have been working and trying to manage my 1001 other activities like a head-less chicken. I have realized that I hardly have any time for myself – with myself – for personal well-being and, as the erudite would put it, for “holistic living.”


I have started practicing Yoga every morning. I consider myself privileged to personally know the good people running the Yoga Cure Institute at Kolkata – which has branches at Los Angeles, Houston and San Francisco. The institute was established in 1937 and has a lineage more than 300 years old including the renowned Yogi Sri Paramhansa Yogananda – who was instrumental in taking Yoga to the West.

I have been going there for a week now – It’s a pleasant 10-minute drive from my place. Sessions are held twice a week and Asanas are prescribed on an individual basis. While prescribing a routine/chart to an individual, special emphasis is given to Asanas, Pranayam, Meditation and Relaxation. Any activity is hard to start but once you do, it is addictive. It sets the tone in the morning and the feeling you have throughout the day is very rewarding.

I have made a lot of “starts” in a lot of things. Some of them have lasted. Some have not. But this is something I intend to continue. As a friend of mine has written in the white-board in his office cubicle:

“Anything worth doing, is worth doing well”

13 thoughts on “Discipline is everything

  1. My teachers said I lacked discipline.
    My mom says discipline should be beaten into me.
    The bania says discipline dukan mein nahi milta.
    I say what the f*ck is discipline?

    Okay thats lousy… πŸ˜€

  2. Somebody is getting addicted to all the right stuff…good, good! To augment this, you would also need to practise something which is very hard to come by in today’s world! Will let you know this offline, sometime!!

  3. Hi Amyth, a very well written post. I’ve been trying to be more disciplined in life ever since I was in class 9 and feel that have succeeded a bit but sometimes I’m driven in such crazy situations to have too fathomed the meaning of discipline!! Anyways, waiting for more updates!!

  4. @ Shruti,

    Yes, discipline is important indeed!.. Good to know that you’ve been trying since class 9… Ive just about “started” trying… :mrgreen:

    And I’d prefer it if you called me just “Amit” — thats my name! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for dropping by.. and do keep coming back for updates!

  5. @ Nothingman: Yes… I should write that in front of my cubicle too… ad PRACTICE IT!! :mrgreen:

    @ Poonam: Yoga Tips 101 – coming up for you.. Once I can figure out a little more of it! πŸ™‚

    @ Pure: I don’t take my camera there… but if you check their website (link given in posts), there are some pics of the place..

  6. @ KK & Poonam,

    I don’t know if I would know enough to provide “tips” anytime in the near future, but yes I could share some of my experiences and describe a couple of Pranayaama-based Asanas — they are easy and feel-good!

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