21 thoughts on ““Kya Karega Holden??” – on The “H” Factor!

  1. Awesome Holden..The dilemma you face is one of the kinds humanity has faced for centuries. Whether to give up or give in!! I guess a lot depends on whether your priority is the pleasure you derive in continuing or you want to move ahead for greener pastures !! All the best..

  2. Arre I didn’t know you were so good at this podcast stuff yaar, first time I’ve listened to it and it was pretty interesting. The ad was amazing lol.

    About Holden’s problem, well it’s a difficult one really. Unless the girl is going to break up with the other guy, there isn’t much use sticking on. Or maybe he should continue as is because just like he said, kam se kam baat to karti hai, picture to dekhti hai.

  3. @ Andy,

    I agree: it’s an age-old Dilemma! .. Classic Problem.. :mrgreen:

    @ Ish:

    Thanks., glad you liked it. Actually, i’ve done enough of this in School / College (as in not Podcasting per se), but I holding the mic (and the audience’s attention) is something I quite enjoy!

    About Hoden’s problem.. Nah! .. The girl is not going to break up with the other guy.. they’re almost as “solid” as Ambuja Cement! πŸ˜‰

  4. Awesome !! amyth ..

    u did hold the audience’s attention … !

    and to holden’s question …

    @holden ..since the girl aint gonna break up with the other guy .. just keep going on .. either till u seperate or get bored of it … πŸ˜‰

  5. Ah, I’ve done that quite a lot too, compearing and declamations. And it’s so much fun if you can actually make so many people listen to you and see that they’re not getting bored.

    And as far as Holden’s problem goes, since the girl and the other guy are as strong as Ambuja cement, he should just keep talking for those 2 hours and try to forget her when she’s finally gone. Not gonna be easy but then there aren’t many options around him.

  6. Well, well that was a nice episode.

    And I agree with Ish, be with her till you can. Nothing else. It all depends on girl’s will.

    This guy Holden’ voice was very familiar to me for some reason. I can’t place it though.

    Like ya and Ish, I have done lot of compering, debates, speeches, orgainsed random quiz shows in morning assembly. It was interactive. πŸ™‚ But even after reading the how-to post, my techie part of brain has lot of inertia. I don’t know where to start? 😦

  7. for H’da …. as you seem to be the right passage/postcard πŸ™‚

    nice one .. totally enjoyed it.
    as for my valuable suggestions….

    1. It might feel alright for now…. but its gonna hurt really bad.
    2. Think from his point of view. (his is her guy) Being a part of the brotherhood, you have follow certain rules.

    Since my comments are the girly-est till now, you have every right to laugh at me. πŸ™‚

    Who am i? You shit-talk-buddy πŸ™‚

  8. @ KK: Thanks! πŸ™‚

    @ Ish: Totally agree with you on that one… Only someone who has been on stage and spoken “enough” can understand that – It’s a gorgeous feeling! :mrgreen:

    @ Poonam: Thanks! πŸ™‚

    Podcasting is fun… I am all for helping folks out with it… Let Ish send u the mail and then if there’s still any room for doubt, shoot!

  9. Bhayanalkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…………… its more than bhayanak… zabardast.. market hila diye ho harlalka

    Holden Mamu.. Kuchh toh kar le yaar.. theek hai load sabka hota hai but you see you have the priviledge to be a cashier….. hum log se poocho.. haath lagane ko bhi nahi milta(paisa :B )!!

    waise amyth yeh holden ka awaaz kuchh suna suna lag raha tha!!

  10. @holden.. cashier se kab manager ban jaogey .. pata nahi chalega.. so lage raho… nd harlalka.. u go to give some part of rofits to holden to avoid copyrights case!!

  11. Finally I heard it! U plz hear it again without any bias, there is a remarkable resemblance between ur “artificially thick” voice and that of amir khan! And i loved the tan tana tana! lolz! Well, Holden should speak up! Or call some love show on the radio!!! they are ready to listen to him sigh and ask his whys at even 3am!! And hey, i see close-up “sponsored” ur show! hee hee! not bad!!!!! πŸ™‚

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