‘Ze Bengali Wedding!

I had to do this. Not because it’s “kewl” to blog about anything that’s different. But because I want to talk about it.

Because a friend of mine sensed “I see a post coming

.. and Because the subject-in-question (the Groom!) said “I want to see your blog about it!”

Tathagata married his college-time sweetheart on December 14th (Friday). I was happy to be a part of the wedding ceremony itself (on the 14th) and later at the Reception (on the 16th) I was born and brought up in Kolkata and have made a lot of Bengali friends. Yet, surprisingly enough, this was my first truely Bengali Wedding! I quite enjoyed the sight of T wearing a “Topor” -a typical kind of a hat that Bengali grooms wear with 2 white things hanging by the sides.

It was a foodies’ week out with some authentic Bengali delicacies on offer – Fish Pasanda and the Biryani on the wedding day amongst the ones yours truly “truly” savored! .. Not to mention the “sweet dish” – a colloquial way of referring to dessert!

Also worth mentioning: The wedding was at Belghoria which is at one end of Kolkata – Girl’s house! .. and the reception was at Behala (which is at the diagonally opposite end – a distance of over 30 kms!) .. Boy’s house!

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, Oh Yeah!! :mrgreen:

With invocations to the almighty, to the sound of “ulu-ulu”s by the women and in presence of family, friends and well-wishers, they tied the knot!

For the uninitiated, the only other place on the Internet, that I found a description of “ulu” was here and it said this:

“The ladies would reverberate ulu-ulu by moving the tongue against the inner lips to make a loud, undulating sound considered auspicious.”

All’s well that end’s well.. Or should we say, that begins well. “Mr. T, you may now kiss the bride!” 😉

9 thoughts on “‘Ze Bengali Wedding!

  1. Yes, I was eagerly waiting for this!! To be candid about it, was expecting some animated description & analysis of the much talked about Bong..oopsss Bengali beauties you get to see at such social dos!! A bevy of beauties….as they say!

  2. I myself haven’t been to a full Bengali wedding. Have gone to some when I was much younger … but those were more formal occasions and I couldn’t freak out. And hadn’t developed a taste for Chicken at the time 😛

    I should ask my Bong friends to start getting married!

  3. I haven’t attended a Bengali wedding myself but since my mother hails frm East, I’ve heard quite a lot about it n d thing which fascinates me most is d sound ”ulu-ulu”!! M anxiously waitin to attend one myself. Till, dn its only practice fr ”ulu-ulu”!!

  4. @ Writankar … I don’t deny that.. although my eyes didnt “roam” too much that day.. 😀

    @ KK

    The food will definitely be worth it… (if you’re into non-vegeterian fare!)

    @ Shruti

    Good… I tried hard but cudn’t replicate the “ulu”s! :mrgrren:

  5. oh…great blog…loved reading this…

    by the way,in our place – kerala also, we have a similar kind of….err…’ulu- ulu’ thing for marriages and other important ceremonies…..

    donot what actually does it imply, but it definitely sounds funny….

  6. Thanks for ze (pun most definately intended) wedding coverage Mr. Haralax (for people with a crease on their forehead right about now, it’s Amit’s user ID on our client’s network and something we endearingly reference him by sometimes). Trust me guys, having to go through a Bengali wedding as one of the two centres of attraction is a nerve-racking experience but at the same time a once-in-a-lifetime experience (and so should be!). Maintaining and fulfilling all the traditions religiously over the 3 days is a satisfying thing for a perfectionist freak like myself! Truly the best institution, me humble opinion…

  7. Food is a very important issue in bengali marriages. If the food is not good,then one is unable to face the community ever!!! And i appreciate ur post not containing anything derogatory or comment about the “ulu” tradition. Else most non bongs make so much fun of it tat it gets annoying even for a non-die-hard-Bong like me

  8. @ Reema,

    I’ve been witness to the “ulu’s” ever since I was a child.. In any case, I love exploring cultures and people.. so it’s all good to see, know and talk about! 🙂

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