Five Point Someone – the Play

1548678327_474b4557e6_b.jpgA friend invited me to see the Madras Players’ Production of Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone. The production was presented by Evam at IIM Calcutta’s annual cultural fest – Carpe-Diem. The story of 3 students – Ryan, Alok and Hari – at IIT Delhi was adapted wonderfully and as far as the story itself is concerned, I liked how everything falls into place and the various sub-plots converge to make a happy ending.

The characters have been described very sharply by the author and implemented equally well in the play – especially Alok’s idiosyncrasies. Alok’s character is that of a boy from a lower-middle class who is a little paranoid to get a good job – understandably so, he has an old paralyzed father and an unmarried sister. The story is cliched. Most of the book is. But what takes the cake is the way the book is written – excellent one-liners – and the production complemented it very well – punctuated with comic timing. Director Nikhila Kesavan deserved every bit of the applause she got at the end.

The cast looked and sounded quite similar to the picture I had formed in my mind after reading the book. The pick of the actors, IMHO, would be V Sarvesh Sridhar (Alok) – impeccable. Uttara Krishnadas also played the (only!) female character of Neha Cherrian excellently and was an (obvious!) cynosure in the other-wise male-dominated plot. πŸ˜‰

The background score had Floyd playing all over it – but then the audience didn’t complain – neither did I. Floyd, quizzes, viva, mid-terms, end-sems, parathas, sutta, vodka (Ok.. Stop!) – are phrases which bring back fond memories of hostel life in an engineering college! So.. Yeah.. the nostalgia bit was quite the icing on the cake! :mrgreen:

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12 thoughts on “Five Point Someone – the Play

  1. @ Ruhi,

    The book is (perhaps!) a tad over-rated. But the whole deal is with so many people saying that the book is “over-rated” it does not even get the amount of credit that is “due.”

    I have mentioned in the post that the plot is a little cliched. But quite frankly, I don’t think the plot is the book’s “core competency” anyway. What stands out is the narrative – which is very anecdotal, and the non-slapstick comedy!

    For me, the book was a good read – entertaining, funny and witty! Sure its not very insightful and there is nothing much to learn from it – but I didn’t expect all that from FPS. It is intended to be a light read – and a light read it is! πŸ™‚

  2. I am reading his other book, night @ call center….. should read this book also after that… so this title was something catchy for me πŸ™‚ good post πŸ™‚

  3. Anybody who’s been in an engineering hostel in India will probably have been laughing their guts out.

    After I published the review on my blog, I got innumerable hits from people searching for “Uttara Krishnadas”. No wonder she was the eye-candy πŸ˜‰ See if you observe something similar … he he.

  4. @ Poonam,

    I seriously have to crack a Poor Joke here…. Please dont kill me for saying this… but i have to:

    “Bidi Jalaile…. Jigar se piyaaaaaaaaaaaa” :mrgreen:

    On a more serious note, i’m not much of a movie buff (STILL haven’t seen Taare..) .. and there aren’t too many plays happening in Cal… so.. I wont add to your woes too much , dun worry! πŸ˜‰

    @ KK,

    Totally agree with you… 100%! .. on BOTH counts…

    1. Engineering life.. and 5PS’s resemblance to it..
    2. Uttara Krishnadas for Ms. EYe-candy 2008! πŸ˜‰

  5. Ah, I liked the book and I’ve been wanting to see a play done on it but I don’t think that’s coming here any sooner. I thought they were going to do a movie about it too.

    LOL Bidi Jalaile πŸ˜€

  6. @ Ish ..

    They are all over South-India, Chennai-Bangalore etc.. and the west as well… Kolkata this was only their 2nd performance.. they keep going to college fests… so if u have big brothers studying in colleges in and around ur area… keep ur eyes (and ears!) open! πŸ˜‰ …. if u liked the book.. u shudnt miss it!

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