State of the nation

At the onset of this post, let me clarify that I’m a patriotic Indian – which is precisely why it irks me to see that as a nation we fail to respect our heroes. Two glaring examples are in the news now – from totally unrelated spheres; it reflects the common thread running through all of us – the thread of indecisiveness about the following questions:

A. “Who” is a National Hero? .. (If there ever was such a thing!)

B. “How” do we honour them?

Bharat Ratna has become a public joke now. I’d call it the “politicization of honour.” I do not know enough about Indian Politics to form an opinion or to comment on its affairs, but the tug-of-war over who should be awarded the highest Civilian award of country (and who SHOULDN’T!) clearly shows how petty we can get about things. We can’t even select our role models! .. Correction: we can’t select our role models unanimously. I won’t be surprised if the Opposition comes out with a Second Bharat Ratna.. and soon we’ll have a “Government Bharat Ratna” and an “Opposition Bharat Ratna” –

Not funny, I know! .. but the Indian Political Theatre is! – No wonder a friend of mine has decided to date that post and so that it always appears on the top of his blog!

The Indian Selection Committee (with all respects to the “job” they have at hand) have made a mockery out of the Ganguly issue. I do not know enough of the cricketing news of all the test-playing nations, but the Australians really know how to honour their heroes. They don’t drop them quite as unceremoniously as we do. I don’t intend to say that every self-respecting cricketer needs a grand farewell but someone of the stature of Sourav Ganguly ought not to have been “dropped” without being given an opportunity to “announce” his retirement. In the past, Steve Waugh, Mark Taylor amongst others have all been “asked to retire” but in a polite way .. with a gesture that shows the nation’s appreciation for their contribution to the development of the game.

In my humble opinion, the problem lies in the fact that we Indians have a tendency to always keep “all our options open”.. We are not prone to taking sides since it amllounts to taking risks and want to be “on good terms” with everyone. This brings me back to an old quote I read long ago, and in time I have realized its value:

“I don’t know the key to success. But the key to failure is trying to please everyone!”

7 thoughts on “State of the nation

  1. The whole Bharat Ratna thing became such a farce with everybody asking the committee to award the nation’s most prestigious award to their uncle! Our national leaders are so shameless!

    On the Ganguly/Dravid front, our selectors have gone crazy. They are leaving out two of the in-form batsmen who have delivered in the Test series. Australians must be smirking. I agree the younger generation has to be trained, but a better strategy would have been to rest senior players on a match by match basis, instead of leaving all our cards open in front of the Aussies.

  2. i dont know about bharat ratna but as far as ganguly’s issue is concerned, i think its ganguly’s second innings in the world of cricket. Australian cricketers know when to quit and when not but indian cricketers wait for the day until they are thrown out of the team and that happens after their unsatisfactory performance in a continuum of matches. History of indian cricket says it loud and clear. What do you have to say about sehwag who has been given enough chances & is still not able to perform. Arent these chances enough. Agreed to the fact that ganguly is in a very fine form but tell me has he played any innnings, after come back, for the team. Was there even one innings that really helped india. His score in every match was a display of his ability to survive more than his ability to play for the team. I agree that we do not respect our national heroes but sometimes issues raised are worthless. And the same goes for rahul dravid’s performance in ODIs also!! PLayers are equally responsible for tarnishing their image..

  3. ha ha, Ganguly!! Hmm..well, the best thing I like in your post is the clarification in the first sentence. Says a lot about the person you are 🙂
    I also liked the last quote.
    As for the politics, I tend not to discuss it unless I am in the comfort of my living room with ample supply of beer. We should get together sometime, someday..

  4. @ Ujjwal

    “Says a lot about the person you are” ….

    I’d love to know what it says about the person I am! :mrgreen: … Curious!

    Yeah mann… we should get together sometime.. Long time! 🙂

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