Worth remembering

Destiny has strange ways of making you meet people. I met someone very interesting yesterday – that too when I had least expected to run into someone like him. The regular readers of my blog would know that I rarely blog about personal stuff. But somehow this interaction compelled me to talk about it. I don’t maintain a personal diary so I thought I would speak about it here. I could have made this a draft or a password-protected post but as the gentleman rightly said.. I am a very honest person and have nothing to hide.

This is how I met him – I occasionally take certain presentations at a leading coaching center in the region. At the end of one of these sessions (last evening!), I came across a group of panelists who were taking mock interviews for B-school aspirants in India. I had a very healthy 15-minute interaction with the panel and the person I am referring to was one of the panelists.

He was an engineer AND a psychologist – quite a potent combination! And honestly speaking, I couldn’t figure out which of the titles he did more justice to. He was stunningly on target with his technical know-how – he has headed certain well-known electrical / electronic firms in his career spanning decades and he had the power to analyze people and their psyche accurately. I had never interacted  with a psychologist before. So I had no idea or pre-conceived notions about how they are and to what extent they can predict an individual’s thought process. This 60-year old gentleman made a deep analysis of the way I think, what my priorities are in life and brought out certain trivialities that I am aware of but usually do not think about too much. His manner of speaking was crisp, sophisticated and it’s not long after he starts to speak that anyone could tell how rich he is in his experience, wisdom and thoughts. His sense of humor was remarkable and his sense of comic timing – near perfect!

Some of the other things he told me (about me!) were:

You are a very social person. yet, at times, you become a recluse. You need your own space. Sometimes when you meet a friend a little too often.. you think.. “Oh.. I met him only yesterday.. Why is he coming over again today>?” …

I couldn’t agree more. This has happened a number of times. Not that I dislike meeting up with friends. I value my friends and relationships and people know that! But it’s just that once in a while I want to be by myself.. do my own thing. I shared this with him – about how he was “bang on!” about this aspect of me. He then went on to talk about my life, aspirations and achievements. He also gave me one very important tip. he said:

Amit, the four most important people in your life are – Your Mother, your Father, your Wife and your Guru. You should always make sure you give them your best.

He added that it’s good to go the extra mile for your friends / relatives / extended family. But do not go out of your way just to please them. In other words, “do not raise their expectations form you. – Know where to draw the line” ..

As long as you can look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you have done the Right thing, don’t bother what others say.

He told me a lot more that will perhaps remain in my mind for quite some time. In fact, I hope I can actually imbibe some of the wise things he said. It was an enriching experience and something that I have a lot to take back from. Life sometimes makes you come across people who you are awed by. It is at times like these that you stop by, think and introspect and perhaps re-think the way you look at things in particular and life in general.

13 thoughts on “Worth remembering

  1. Truthful and it smells of my experience with some people in Pittsburgh – couple of Professors and a doctor/teacher at Church.
    Its good to see you share a personal side of yours and thankfully you have put on a simpler design for your blog.

  2. @ Ujjwal – Yes. It’s wonderful to come across people like these. This is probably one of the few “personal” posts on my blog but this incident warranted it!

    I realized the previous design looked too cluttered up.. and didn’t look like a blog!

    By the way, no spelling errors this time, eh?


  3. @ Siddharth

    Is that Mr. Priya?

    And I still don’t get why this would remind you of “An Astrologer’s Day” by RK Narayanan. I’ve read that story – It was part of a prescribed text for ICSE English Literature..

    As far as I remember, the “astrologer” in question cheats his fellow ‘customers’… The thing to not here though is that neither is the person-in-question an astrologer.. and I’m sure his intentions were good.. It was a chance meeting!

  4. Amit,

    Nice post.. But u have written stuff which are more generic in nature and not very specific to u. It is not very difficult to say something like
    “As long as you can look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you have done the Right thing, donโ€™t bother what others say.” because all of us unanimously agree to this gyaan..
    That is why I guess Siddharth must have thought about “An Astrologer’s day ”


  5. @ Harsh n Sid..

    I understand that the stuff that I have mentioned here are more “generic” in nature. But do note the CONTEXT in which he made the “as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror” statement..:

    ” But do not go out of your way just to please them. In other words, โ€œdo not raise their expectations form you. – Know where to draw the lineโ€ ..

    Regarding the other, more personal stuff, like I’ve already mentioned they are a little too personal to share on a blog! :mrgreen:

    Thanks guys for puring in!

  6. It must be quite a revelation when somebody meets you and can know so much about you in just a few minutes. I would love to meet such a personality. The crudest closest I have come to this is by meeting an astrologer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. @ Amit,

    It is. In fact, such people intrigue me. Not that I am a wannabe people-analyzer .. yet they do!

    This person was very different from an astrologer. He is the sort of person … who purely on the basis of his raw experience can judge a someone’s characteristics based on a 15-minute conversation on random things!

  8. Certainly true… a very enriching experience… reminds me of my time in Dubai with an Indian yoga teacher cum psychologist. You see… how nature forces all of us to come across the same experience at some point of time in our life… you did it in cal, i did it in dubai, sm1 did it in US… nice huh!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    on a serious note… we all should visit such kind of people or d refinement of thots

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