“Khatam Karo, Ghar Chalo”

The Australians have a consultant psychologist in their team. I think it’s high time they hire one who understands the “Indian” mind better than the one who currently dons the mantle. The folks (I’m sorry the Blokes! πŸ˜‰ ) seem to have tried everything possible to bring the Indian Cricket Team down to the ground – accusations, blames – even blatant lies!

Ricky Ponting rightly said at the post-match Presentation ceremony – “I think our cricket has dropped over the last week!”

Duh! – What else do you expect? .. When you have people in your side who are more into playing mind-games than cricket, your cricket will obviously “drop off!”

Focus-shift … (swoooooooosh!) … Indian Captain – MS Dhoni – Now this is something both Sunil Gavaskar as well as yours truly observed – Dhoni does not like hogging the limelight. After receiving the trophy, the bloke (sic!) was near invisible. He lets his team enjoy their moment of glory – He doesn’t need to prove a point to anyone. They know!

It’s been very entertaining cricket for the last couple of months and the controversies are something that will make Bollywood proud! Amen to a great series! – India has won the Commonwealth Bank Tri-series down under!

The title, by the way was coined by Sachin Tendulkar – on the eve of the 2nd Final – “Khatam Karo, Ghar Chalo” .. (Let’s finish it off and go home!) and what a way to do it!

8 thoughts on ““Khatam Karo, Ghar Chalo”

  1. There’s genuinely something about this Indian side. And there’s genuinely something wrong with the blokes on the Australian side. It’s pretty evident that the blokes aren’t invincible anymore. And without Gilly on their side, they’ll definitely be weaker than they were before. Agreed he hasn’t scored many runs lately but he’s a great keeper as well. And we all know how critical good keeper-batsmen are. Look at MS Dhoni. Still a long way to go before he becomes another Gilchrist but the guy sure knows how to captain this side. Even I noticed how Dhoni doesn’t wanna be in the limelight. He’s way too chilled out.

    Credit to all the guys. And as far as the blokes are concerned, time for them to retrospect. Somewhere, this series has been unreal hasn’t it? It sounds like God has been writing it. Harbhajan getting Hayden and Symonds in both the matches was really funny. The guy must be really happy now that he’s gonna be home.

    It’s been a long-ish tour really. Can’t blame Sachin. I wish he could stay the Little Master forever. There would definitely be a void in the team without that bloke of ours.

  2. @ Ish: Totally agree with everything you said.

    But One thing I liked about the Aussies is the way they “respect” their cricketers once they retire. I mean Gilly understandable but look at Hogg… even he got such an “honorable” farewell… (if you saw the post-match prez)..

    We have a lot to learn from them as well..

    Having said that, they need to curb their adrenaline if they are to keep cricket a gentleman’s game.. I mean what Clarke did today… Literally throwing Sachin down and pinning him.. And they talk of Clarke being the next Aussie captain..

    God Bless Cricket.. and God Bless Australia!

  3. Agreed whole heartedly about the farewell part. Indians definitely need to learn that. Actually, the problem is not only with the fans. It’s BCCI, as soon as a player gets old and is about to retire, they chuck him out anyway so he never officially retires. Gilly isn’t that old and he has retired, our guys are not really fond when it comes to retiring either. They think..chalo yaar lage raho jab tak khud nahi nikaal dete. When Sachin retires, they should have a nationwide thing for him. The guy is precisely the reason why Indian cricket maintained it’s status after Kapil Dev and Sunny Gavaskar retired. It was written on a placard somewhere that, “If Cricket is a religion, then Sachin is God” which I think is very very accurate. And the team can learn so much from him still, his calmness, composure everything. The guy is shorter than almost all the Australian bowlers but he never ever gets intimidated by anyone and that’s why he commands the kind of respect that he gets.

    As far as the Australian aggression goes, it’s not all the players. It’s more so a Ponting, Hayden, Symonds and Clarke thing. These blokes can learn from their own guys. Look at Gilly, the guy is such a gentleman. Even Brett Lee, he’s such a fast bowler but I have never seen him misbehave on the pitch. When he hit Sachin in the last match, he came and apologized for it. If it were somebody else, they would probably have stared and smirked. I really like James Hopes too. The guy is very composed on the field. I can only hope Australia figures out where they have gone wrong in this series. As far as Symonds is concerned, I hope he gets the same kind of treatment from the Indian fans as Harbhajan got from the Aussies. That was definitely unfair. We can say that we don’t care but we actually do. We can’t see a player of ours being pinned for even moving his hands.

  4. I think this victory was long overdue. And somehow I felt that Sachin was very very tired. He looked so worn out specially in the match in which he made 117.
    But he is still God. No doubts about that. πŸ™‚

  5. Yesterday’s win is indeed remarkable..!! Especially, proving to the world that the mighty aussies are not really invincible..!! Nice write-up, as always..!!

  6. Yup! totally agreed, Australians were actually so much into mind games that they forgot to play cricket. Anyways, Dhoni is the man of the moment & Jai Jharkhand! is the buzz word… πŸ˜€

  7. @ Ish: Yes, I did note that. It’s not all the players but its all the senior pros nonetheless and they are the ones who matter – Someone like a Mitchell Johnson would not “dare” be cocky on-field..

    @ Amit: I really like the way he goes on in the face of criticism… day in and day out!

    @ Writankar: Thanks! πŸ™‚

    @ Dushyant: … Yeah mann… Jai Jharkhand!! :mrgreen:

  8. what a victory ??
    what an answer to all the aussie fans media and players..
    they sure got their ass kicked ….that too very hard πŸ˜†

    the best thig abt this team is that this is an young side and each player is playing fire with fire ..their agression is what was unique in this tour,,
    Sachin is a GOd nothing more to say about him πŸ˜›

    hats off to inidian cricket team

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