Snake – bytes on Nokia 3310 / 3315

It’s been a year since I’ve been blogging. I still feel there are a lot of important things that have affected my life that I am yet to blog about.. and will, in due course. Let me talk about one of those in this post: Snake –

  • The game that made Nokia 3310 / 3315 an object of my desire / affection / fancy!
  • The game that could get me hooked for hours on end!
  • & the game that’s one of the MAJOR reasons why I did not figure in the top-5 (academically!) in college

Nokia 3310A phone like Nokia 3310 comes once in a millenium (ok.. Decade!! πŸ˜‰ ) .. One that captures the imagination of the masses and is revolutionary in terms of design and usability. And obviously, when you have a phone that is a house-hold name – the game (software!) available on the fone also acheives overnight super-stardom – riding on the success of the mother that carries it!

Enter the snake! (Not the dragon!) – Slimy. Twisty. Beastly. Hungry.. and Quick! (depending upon the level you choose) – The Snake on Nokia was probably one of the most obidient snakes around – one that you could domesticate and one that made every move depending your where your fingers pointed – truly it was one snake that said “Master, your wish is my command!” – I’ve spent hours playing snake during my days at BIT Mesra – my Top Score (on a Nokia 3310 / 3315 version) being 1,776 (on Level 9 – the fastest!) – I might have crossed that score on a friend’s phone or something.. I dont remember.. I possibly crossed 2,000 sometime – or I choose to fantasize about it! :mrgreen:

Snake - The Game on Nokia 3310 / Nokia 3315

Did you play it?… Did you love it? … What was your highest score?

And just in case you didn’t and want to get a taste of it.. check this out! – and tell me how much you score on this one!

31 thoughts on “Snake – bytes on Nokia 3310 / 3315

  1. humm…3310 rocks…i have played till level 12 i think, some 2200 score…been a long time, but yes, i have seen scores till 4000s in snake, some ppl were crazier than you bro…

  2. @ Nothingman

    Whoa! – 4000 is a freakin’ awesome score – The screen would be FULL by the time the score reaches that! πŸ˜€ ..

    I dont know which version u r referring to.. but the Snake on 3310 / 315 had only 9 levels! …

  3. yeah, even i have seen people making scores of 4000 and higher… but one thing amyth… I know its a year since you started blogging but you dont need to mention it everytime !! πŸ˜›

  4. I don’t think I’ve played the same version of Snake. Maybe I have, and I barely used to cross 1000. The first time I crossed 200, my brother came in and crossed 900. And it took 6 days of continuous playing for me to reach that. And then I proudly brandished it to him. He took it, and made it cross 1300 in front of my very eyes. I gave up after that lol. Not my cup of coffee/tea/coke or whatever.

  5. @ Dushyant
    4000??.. I think you used a different version of Snake… Perhaps one on which scoring was easier! πŸ˜‰
    And regarding the “ive been blogging for a year”.. the only other time I have mentioned it is in the One year – 100 Posts blog-post.. Another thing you need to understand is that sometimes you say things in the flow.. (and include links appropriately).. Moreover, YOU know that I’ve been blogging for a year coz I said it… First-time visitors wouldn’t rite?… and their knowing it wouldn’t harm me, would it?..

    @ Ish
    We used to have wing / lobby – based competitions on snake (unoficcially!) … which later turned to NFS after we set up our own LAN in the hostel! πŸ˜›

  6. No wonder u did not figure in the top-5 in college, must’ve been an overnight gaming session instead of a niteout with books n notes before exams.. πŸ˜› , i was never a big fan of snake, but yeah, the 3D one in my 3250 kept me busy when i had absolutely nothing to do.. i think snake’s an offshoot of the almighty Pac-Man which i used to go crazy playin for hours together..i don’t remember the top-score though πŸ˜›

  7. Oh yea, competitions are fun. The LAN ones even more so. I remember having played once at a nearby cyber cafe and we won the first time we played the game.

    Then I remember having played Snake on a forum I was a member of. They used to have tournaments there and I won the Snake one pretty easily. Beat the person who was their highest scorer ever. Unfortunately, my winning score was nowhere near her highest score. I think I was 5 or 6 on the overall rankings before I had to give up.

  8. @ RaWMan..

    Yeah pac-man was another game which I loved playing… and loved playing competitively too! πŸ˜‰ …. again.. Lobby-level! πŸ˜€ …
    and recently.. also Office-level!

    In fact as far as office is concerned… i dont know if you are aware of Xonix … its an AMAZING game! … that maze with 2 little balls moving aorund..

    @ Ish

    Snake Competitions?… Id love to take part in Organized Snake events!! πŸ˜€

  9. Great post, brings back memories of my own nokia 1100, and the slightly different version of snake in it…it is sad to see nowadays ‘higher’ end nokia phones having a really silly 3d kinda snake game in them…it is no way as much fun…i yearn for the plain old snaky!!…although i must confess i could never cross 1200….i see somebody is talking about 4000 plus scores!!…i hail thee oh almighty!

  10. Coldplaying. org << That’s a Coldplay fan’s forum and they’ve got a gaming section in there which holds tournaments from time to time. I hope they still have Snake in there. But it’s got to be on the computer obviously, not on the pgone.

  11. I remember when I got a 3315 as a gift when I went to hostel for the first time. It was more of a tracking tool which my parents attached to me. πŸ˜‰
    This game was one of my best timepass. I used to play it like a maniac. I guess i did crossed 2000 points…but I don’t remember too clearly now.
    And then two years later, this mobile was stolen from my pocket while travelling in a bus. 😦

  12. @ Amit

    Looks like we have more in common than our names. I too got the 3315 as a gift when I went to hostel for my engineering! πŸ˜‰

    I’ve had a mobile stolen form my pocket as well… but (unfortunately) it wasn’t a 3315.. it was a costlier phone! 😦

    @ Ish

    SOunds interesting… Thanks for that… will check out and get back to u on that one!

  13. Yeah, Xonix, an amazingly addictive game dude; i remember playing it for hours on my first PC, discovered it on a PC quest cd-rom (december ’98) i think πŸ™‚ ..this one can hold u engrossed for’ve also been into a lot of console gaming on my PC, i.e emulators, roms etc, playing those arcade classics like aliens, battle-tank, mario etc..thanx to my outdated system config which couldn’t support those high-end 3-D gaming engines.. πŸ™‚

  14. Well, I joined BIT Mesra after having given my best to playing Snake on my beloved Nokia 3315. And while I was able to cross 3000 many a times, my best was something around 3900. But I have seen one of my friends reach 4300 and so I never thought that my score was something to be bragged about. BTW, I always played on levle 9 and by the time the score goes beyond 3000, the screen is pretty much full.

    I guess high scores depend on two factors. The first being your ability of not missing any of the extra powers/ points that pop up after every fifth food bite. And the second following a simple tail following pattern in packed spirals when the snake goes long. That way you tend to miss the extra points later on, but your game and the snake stretches looooooooong.

    And seeing your post I realize I did well to stop playing before I came to mesra, for I topped my course. Xonic was another addictive game I got into last year but I pushed that habit too and try to find pleasures in mundane tasks like programming.

    Cheers to all ‘snake’ charmers


  15. @ GKS

    You’ve hit the nail on the head with regard to the ‘technicalities’ of Snake in 3315! [;)].. No wonder you were the topper!

    And Xonix was an amazing game.. I remember being hooked on to as well… when I started my ‘Software Engineer’ stint! [:P]..

  16. i have got my self a nokia 1208 with snake xenia. it is one of the best snake games of all time, much better than the 3310 version.

    my high score is 4976 which took me over 5 months to acomplish. i still have met no one who has ever beaten the 3500 mark!

  17. I played snake xenia too and i have the best score in the world 341064 in classic I want nokia to tell me who has passed that score I feel on top of the world pls e- mail me back

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