Blogging for a Cause!


I finally seem to have put (whatever-little!) knowledge of blogging I have to some good use. I shall also be handling the “Elaan” blog @

For those unaware of Elaan and my association with them, read this.

I would also like to urge anyone reading this to forward the link to friends who you think might be supportive of the idea.

Also.. my blog-buddies – Ishmeet, Ruhi, Poonam, Dinsan, Amit, Arvind, Ashish, Man of Roma .. & of course, ANY other bloggers reading this.. Treat this as a special request – You guys know that I usually do not “tag.” But this is for a cause. I would be insanely grateful to you guys if you can write about it even by way of a casual mention if not an entire post and link to the Elaan Blog. – The idea is to come out and SPEAK, SUPPORT and get this evil out of our system!

As usual, ideas / suggestions are heartily welcome!


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18 thoughts on “Blogging for a Cause!

  1. Thanks a Lot Poonam & Dinsan! πŸ™‚ … You Guys Rock! … Am also taking a look at the Google Non-profit bit you mentioned… That seems reaaally useful! πŸ™‚

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