U, Me Aur HUM!

This is my first post in almost a month. Which is a BIG thing. Actually I have decided to blog only about things “worth mentioning” and it doesn’t get BIGGER than U, Me Aur Hum! (UMAH!). For the first time in my life (I’m quite an infrequent movie-goer.. but still!), I was staring up at the ceiling of the theater trying to figure out why there was a wet patch on the ceiling.

Let me warn you at the very onset that this post may make me sound like a cynic but that’s what a movie like UMAH is capable of – it can turn perfectly sane individuals into cynics. In fact, all aspiring mainstream Bollywood directors MUST watch the movie – How to LOSE a movie in under-10 minutes!! .. Besides, it will make them feel good about themselves – You can do better!! .. No Seriously, I have the highest regard for Ajay Devgan as an actor (Company, Legend of Bhagat Singh.. etc!), which is why I was extremely disappointed with his “directorial debut!” .. I mean, what was he thinking??… Or was he??!

The movie has CORNY written all over it in Big, bold and CAPITAL letters. You can predict almost every line, every action – especially in the first half. In fact, 15-20 minutes into the movie, I thought this was something like a comic-spoof on “Bollywood-flavored Romance” – the funny things people do to grab your attention and tickle you in the beginning of a movie… OR… I thought maybe the entire movie is a spoof – Like Om-Shanti-Om! – But then I realized, Heck.. No! … This IS the movie.. and the director actually MEANS what all he is saying. So it was NOT a Scary-Movie-Style take on Bollywood Love Stories!

The first-half of the movie was predictable. It made me tear my hair apart and would easily give one the impression that this was made in the early 90s and only released now! – Of course, Ajay Devgan is not as good with anachronism as William Shakespeare was! The Second half was boring, dull and like a lot of other directors today, Ajay Devgan tried to punch in some melodrama – If you can’t make ’em laugh, let’s try making ’em cry .. Again, failed miserably!

Oh, there’s this one bit in the movie that I have to share with you all.. There’s this scene where Ajay Devgan is upset about something and he comes home all depressed.. And his wife (Kajol) is in a romantic mood. So what she does, she starts singing a song and dancing. All that’s ok.. But the title of the song is: “Maine Toh Maanga Thha… Saheli Jaisa Saiyaan”…

Excuse Me??.. “Saheli Jaisa Saiyan??..”

“Saheli Jaisa??..”

(Ahem!)… “Saheli??”

38 thoughts on “U, Me Aur HUM!

  1. I have not seen the movie..but from what I have heard.. this movie is our take on the ‘firang’ movie ‘The Notebook’.(which also won some MTV award for the best kiss..:))

  2. Amen 2 that! i hav heard da same too. probably prevention is better than cure applie here also. dont watch a film til its certified 2 b a gud 1. let thou nt take a risk n b a premier-attendee πŸ™‚

  3. Nothing more sophisticated was expected of sp than his staple emraan-hashmi + himmesh stuff..

    apart 4m dat.. good post..
    mebbe you should go watch RACE.. that’s another experience altogether.. trust me..

    and i’m sure sp’ll lap it up.. πŸ˜›

  4. OMG !! You know what..I went to see this movie driving 100 miles..And I completely agree with Amyth..Just that I was laughing at every damn scene in the movie..And yea that Saheli stuff was real fun..

    Kudos to Mr & Mrs Devgan for making such a hilarious movie!!

    Imagine Devgan directing Legend of Bhagat Singh, Zakhm etc.. I was reminded of Phool aur Kaante when I saw this πŸ˜‰

  5. Amit, i kind of admire ur writing skills(u finally managed to get dis out of me!!!:P), but i DID NOT like this particular blog or urs…
    u are disappointing(guess dis is becoz u r writing about YMAH!).
    i say this becoz i was ur companion in the trauma u(read we) suffered while watching this movie and believe me ur blog is not even close to describing what a pathetic experience it was!!!

  6. Thank you…saved from watching an insufferable excuse of a movie…considering it takes me over an hour to get to the closest hindi movie theatre here in LA!

  7. I did not have strength to go for U, Me Aur Hum after the Krazzy 4 disaster. I think movies like 1-2-3 are much better to watch than Ajay-Kajol’s stupid romance. SP.. what say???

  8. πŸ˜† Oh God!!!! I think I was the only one who was trying to be a little subdued about the movie. People are blasting it left, right and center. πŸ™‚
    And yes, even my friend sitting next to me dozed off a few times. So much for the interest levels.
    And I too believe that the lines “Saheli jaisa Saiyaan” had some serious homosexual undertones, but the rest of the song is quite fine I think. πŸ™‚

  9. 1-2-3 with its crass humour and sexual innuendoes was much more palatable than Krazzy 4 but sadly this post is not about that….

    Dinks watch U me Aur Hum…. yeessh even the title is so…. DIIIIINNNNNKKKK

  10. Awesome! — This post seems to be a bugger hit then the film. Devgan-saab.. listening??…. :mrgreen:

    @ Siddharth… My opting to watch the movie has nothing to do with me being DINKKK… In fact, most “DINKs” wont even go anywhere near it! — The reason I went for it was coz I wanted to torture myself and gauge my stress levels.. Unfortuantely, I gave up a quarter of an hour too early! πŸ˜‰

  11. Thankfully its ages that ive seen the interiors of a theatre.. but i did see the promo(that too today in the morn) and saw this scene where devgan ina rather inebriated state tells kajol that he likes her or something… and there was a super dumb retort about gays n drunk people and then he says ki ‘main eisa nahin hoon’.. cant really put that cheesiness into words here..
    but yeah thanks but thanks for the warning!

  12. @ Prasun,

    Yeah.. I was rolling off my chair when he said that… I think it was something like – “Main uss type ka nahi hoon”…

    Brilliant… and given Ajay Bhai’s SUperb comic timing! .. U cna imagine the IMPACT the line had!!

  13. I read these amazing one liners about U,Me Aur Hum yesterday

    ** Ajay refuses to work in Ajay’s next movie

    ** Ajay blames his body double to have directed the movie

    ** The next immunity task for Roadies is to watch U, Me aur Hum

  14. @ GoCho & All: Haha… πŸ˜€

    A friend just shared this one on chat:

    “Man survives Jodha-Akbar in Jaipur.The doctor asks him to stay away form u, me aur hum”

  15. I am a complete movie buff.. sometimes its like EAT movies Drink Movies and Sleep movies… Well most often than not there is this gut feeling in me that pulls me to a certain movie and then retract from some other ,… sadly UMAH falls is the second category already and with this Advice kaa tadkaa… A biggg NO to this ….Although my hubby was keen on watching this …But I am saved …..Hey i have myself become quite a sloth these days as far as writing a blog is concerned, I am doing that today .. keep visiting my blog at

  16. Ha ha ha..you tore into the movie. Thats why I do not go for a Hindi movie anymore unless the reviews are great (or, the local cinema hall refuses to play the movie since only the 3 of us turned up to watch it on a Saturday evening).

    Oh, and keeping up the tradition, did you mean “things people do to grab..” instead of “things people to do grab.. “??? [:D]

    Damn me, eh? [;)]

  17. @ Dushyant: More than “bitching” it is about “constructive criticism” … :mrgreen:

    @ Amrisha: Yeah… welcome back to the Blogosphere! πŸ™‚

    @ Ujjwal: DAM YOU! … Yeah! πŸ˜‰ … But thanks for pointing out.. I dont know how BOTH you AND I manage to do this!!

  18. 24 comments already (25 including mine) in less than an entire day, just goes to show how much of an impact this post has made, just like devgan saab’s movie; and, thank goodness i read it; was planning to go watch it in fame, south city [:o]..Most vindictive post ever Amyth, kudos!! This would give Taran Adarsh a run for his money esp. the “Saheli jaisa Saiyaan” part!! [:P]..

  19. @ Anonymous,
    Thanks! … I take that as a compliment.. BTW, Kaun ho bhai?

    @ Ruhi.. I knowww… It was so obvious.. But you know, its good to watch BAD movies once in a while! [:D]..

    @ RaWMan: Haha… Thanks mann!.. No wonder Gossip sells so much..! πŸ˜‰ .. This was nowhere even NEAR Gossip… but look what it’s done?…

  20. havent seen d movie…thank God!!
    …but I can surely vouch for one thing…it can’t be worse than “Krazzzzzzzzzzzzy 4” which might just have the unique distinction of getting the “Worst Movie of the Decade” award (Mithun da…eat ur heart out!!) πŸ˜‰

  21. This is nothing. Go try and grab the dvd for Shaka Laka Boom Boom. Apparently, this film is actually a copy of the oscar winning film Amadeus, and Upen Patel has supposedly played the role of Mozart.

    When I heard this, I laughed for a total of 15 mins non-stop.

  22. @ Anik: You should, if you’re a Kajol-fan.. therez TONS of Kajol in the movie!

    @ Mojo: Krrazy 4.. Hmm… but the thing is… AT least Krazy 4 has Rajpal Yadav and Irrfan Khan…. ALthough I Havent seen it… But as far as I am concerned, U, Me aur Hum takes the cake!

    Neena: Yeah. I probably need to watch that too! .. and then write another post as follow-up to this one! :mrgreen: ..

    Thanks for dropping by! πŸ™‚

  23. Watched the movie K4,Not a good one except Hrithik’s awesome dance.I m sure u ppl will b surprise to see Hrithik’s dance.I hv seen that dance scene 17 times so far and willing to see it many more times in future..

  24. Man, you get a lot of comments of your article! Nice..

    And, obviously you are busy nowadays since we have been waiting for sound bytes from you for a while now… πŸ™‚

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