Karan Bajaj’s debut novel!

I recently got an email from Mr. Karan Bajaj (BIT Mesra, Mechanical Engienering, 1996-2000) and was thrilled to know that he is about to launch his first book – Keep off the grass. The book contains glimpses and memories drawn form his time at BIT Mesra as well. Karan went on to complete his MBA at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM B) and is presently working as a Management Consultant with Boston Consulting Group in Washington D.C.

A brief Synopsis of the book is as follows:

Keep off the Grass is a new-age hippie story about young American investment banker on Wall Street whose life is all set to follow a defined, predictable trajectory-a Harvard MBA, marriage, kids, luxurious European vacations, the works; instead he gets sucked into an India of drugs, prisons, surreal encounters, and crazy (but believable) characters. His unlikely Indian experiences-a consuming drug addiction, meditating in the Himalayas, meeting an Aghoree onthe Ghaats of Benares, spending time in a prison cell etc.-are particularly interesting given the contrast with his protected and staid life before.

The Official Website – www.karanbajaj.com – is very well done-up and contains a synopsis of the book, details of the book launch and information about the author. Seems to be a nice read.. PLUS, it’s by an alum, so I should be picking this one up soon! πŸ™‚

The book is releasing tommorow (May 30th, 2008.) – Here’s wishing him all the luck & support!

P.S. The ‘already’-eager souls (thanks to some terrific advance reviews), can pre-order the book here.

25 thoughts on “Karan Bajaj’s debut novel!

  1. Thanks for the info, i will buy one tomorrow!! πŸ™‚ its really good to see that one of our college alumunus has written a book but sad at the same time that he has not mentioned BIT Mesra’s name on his website in the section called “About Karan”.

  2. Amit-thanks a ton for the post! I hope the book lives up to the expectations of your blog followers.

    Poonam- glad you liked the website.

    Dushyant- very good catch. I am gonna speak to my website guy, and fix that shortly. Mesra rocks of-course!

    Karan Bajaj

  3. Oh man! this is a pleasant surprise…Rock On Mesra!…
    @rest of the BITians…please get a copy of ‘KEEP OFF THE GRASS’, but ahem…If we learnt ONE thing in mesra it was probably how to “STAY ON THE GRASS” eh?….what say!!?

  4. I agree with Poonam on you writing abut ur alma mater nowadays. Browsed the website..looks like the book is an entertainer and different from Chetan Bhagat’s novel. Hope to read it soon.

  5. @ Poonam & Reema,

    I have – But it’s only been the last 2 posts! πŸ˜› … Co-incidentally, the timing was such.. In any case, Karan’s book was being released now.. so I wanted to blog about it before that.. Thanks for your comments! πŸ™‚

  6. Good Info Amit. If I like the book this weekend, I will try meeting Karan in person given that we are in the same city (and by some coincidence, the same profession). Hope Barnes & Nobles is storing copies of it.

  7. @ Saurabh,

    Ya bet! πŸ˜‰ …

    @ Ujjwal,

    Thanks… Yeah.. this was important stuff.. So thought I’d share!

    @ Amit,

    On it’s way.. Once I get hold of the book.. & finish it! πŸ˜›

  8. Guys, what are we talking here? I mean its ok an alum has written a book but I don`t think the book will be worth the hype. I mean we all are interested just because karan is a BITian and would expect to see almost BIT mesra every where. But this is, what i graspd from the book site, Keep off the grass is not another five point someone. So, better “keep it low”, rather more sircastically.
    Well, guys this comment was just to 11th in the line, neways hats off to the efforts of Karan dude.
    PS: Has BIT Mesra or Karan come in the AAJ TAk yet for the book launch ? πŸ˜‰

  9. Karan Bajaj was in Pune for the launch of his book “Keep Off the Grass”. His interview was published in the Pune edition of Times of India.

    As per the news article, first he said he was not serious about this book. Then he quickly corrected himself that he wasn’t writing this for bucks, but he takes his readers comments seriously.

    Okay, so far. Then he went on to say that Professional writers are boring. They have a mundane job. Now that you should call one hell of an observation.

    I mean how can somebody in the public domain, even if he is speaking his “heart out”, say such irresponsible things? I can’t fathom what is the reason behind such stupendous crassness; his gross illiteracy about literature or a total irreverence towards great writers?

    For a “time pass” writer like him, whose book can’t be called literature by any stretch of imagination, he should do well to show some respect and sensibility while making comments to the media. There is a great deal of difference between speaking your mind in your bedroom versus speaking to a journalist.

  10. Amit, thanks for drawing Ashish’s comment to my attention.

    Ashish, my apologies if I appeared crass or non-serious about writing(myself or anybody else’s) in the interview; definetely not my intention. I personally have a great deal of respect for ‘professional’ writers as you can also see in my website http://www.karanbajaj.com under the ‘Recommended Reading’ section where I have selected some of my favorites; I was simply stating that I might not have the tenacity it requires to be a full-time writer in response to the question posed by the interviewer.

    The jury is still out on whether my book is ‘timepass’ writing; but I can assure you its not as frivolous as the interview may have implied- you can check out the reviews from eminent publications/authors like Ruskin Bond, Publisher Weekly, and even some early reviews by readers on the internet.

    I fully take your point on being more guarded and careful in public forums though. Thanks again for this timely criticism- I will action that for all future interviews/book-reading events. However, do understand that journalists sometimes draw out the most provocative parts of a well-intentioned answer in order to stress a point. Very hard to control that, as I am just learning.

    BTW, can you send me a link to the interview if possible-I can’t find it on the internet.

  11. Karan, thanks for your reply. I was kind of certain that you would somehow get to know about my comment on this forum, because it probably belongs to someone from your institution BIT Mesra.

    Thanks again for the nice reply with so much humility. I was a bit hurt when I read that article as I hold writers in very high esteem. While I understand that media men can blow things out of proportion, all I intented to tell you through my comments is be to more careful, sensible and thoughtful. That would win you more readers and get you their respect.

    Nevertheless, I am sorry for being a rude to you on a public forum. Wish you great success with your debut novel.

    Sorry man, it was an article posted in the Pune edition of TOI print.

  12. Ashish,

    No offence taken; actually-it helped a ton because I was somewhat more careful in the Bangalore/Hyderbad press interviews. Thanks again for your timely criticism.

    BTW, hope you enjoy the book :)-

  13. Hi Karan

    I just happend to read about your book launch in ET (delhi) edition today and was quick to search for you in Google.
    Though the name of BIT Mesra didn’t appear in the article, I was able to recognize you by name and branch (I passed out in 2002-EEE)

    My heartiest wishes for your book success and will buy a copy soon.


  14. Haven t yet read the book.. nor will I in future..but great to know, that you out of all people from BIT Mesra..have written a book.

    But seriously, Jokes apart. It takes lot of time,patience and creativity to write a book, and anyone who does that .. need a pat on his shoulder.

    All the best !!!

  15. Hi karan,

    I happens rarely with me that i develop my instant favourites when it comes to reading fiction but when i read the opening quote of your book by Shine Sarkar , I was sure some real artwork was bubbling inside.
    Am a Chartered Accountant based in Singapore ,came to Delhi recently for family visit.During the customary round of my “khandani” book shop, i reluctantly purchased your book ( must add , the attendent in the shop really sold this book well to me by advertsing lines like “madam , yeh lijie , bestseller hai aajkal) and i bought along with likes of Anita desai and gurcharan Das… But once i started reading your book, it was like a mad marathon , i slurped and devoured it in few hours what to say of days….can go on and on about my approval of your tangled thoughts since I too suffer from same terminal issue…incurable atleast in this lifetime….

    Kudos to your spirit of sharing your life’ lessons with us, Please write one more book , article , portal , blog watever ….your words are therapy indeed…


  16. hai though you have written only two books but i am much more impressed with your work especially with second book,i love that .therefore i hope you will be come with more interesting book. takcre

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