Google Docs!

Google continues to amaze me. I had written about Google Translate a few months ago.. and Now it’s Google Docs I am going ot talk about. This amazing utility allows you to edit Office Documents online as well as store them. The interface is very neat and easy-to-use and what I particularly liked about Google Docs is the fact that it allows people to share documents / utilities with restrictive as well as full-access! You can also upload your existing Microsoft Office Documents and store / view / edit / share them online.

I started using Google Spreadsheets for Elaan, the NGO I work for. We wanted to create some sort of a mailing list to capture data from the members who actively engage in the Elaan Orkut Community – (we are almost nearing a thousand members!). — Anyway, so all I had to do was simply configure a form to capture all the data I recuired, map it into a Google Spreadsheet and there.. Done!

Whatever data is entered onto the form is automatically inserted as an additional row in the Google Spreadsheet that I have created. To view the form & add your details, CLICK HERE.

12 thoughts on “Google Docs!

  1. @ Dinsan: Cant help but be a Goolgle fan! 😉

    @ Reema: You’re welcome!

    @ Suchintya: Thanks.. Zoho seems good… Although I didnt get time to use it… but if you happen to use it.. I wouldn’t mind a review.

    @ Sukumar: Indeed, sir. Google docs is a pleasure to use as I recently discovered and you are right about it being a no-frills package..!

  2. @ Atul,

    Creating the form is very easy.. Create the spreadsheet.. the rest will follow.. The UI is extremely user-friendly.. If I can do it, you can do it with your left hand! :mrgreen:

  3. @ dkd..
    yeah Zoho sounds good..

    @ kpowerinfinity:
    checked out, but it is very basic.. as in.. it only supports Docs / PFDs.. it supports collaboration as well.. but what I mean is.. XLS / PPTs are not supported.. (from what i could gather in the ‘Learn More’ section)..

    @ honestyfinally,
    Yes.. Google Docs allows full collaboration support including controling the level of access you want to provide to the people you share access to ur docs with..

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