I am a die-hard nationalist! I LOVE going to malls on weekends and experiencing first-hand India’s spending BOOM. I LOVE watching IPL and all the cricketing world’s eyes glued to the Indian story. I LOVE Bollywood churning out movie after movie and filled-up multiplexes. I LOVE listening to analysts on CNN Money talking about “The India Story!”

I know there are miles to go still.. and there are mountains to climb. But I know that as a nation of a billion-plus people we are striving for better lives and for a better India. We are working hard and we are getting closer.

I throughly enjoyed this video – It speaks of “Karma” and “Dharma” .. And in many ways, it captures the essence of India!


[YouTube =


This video has been Produced by India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF).

11 thoughts on “INDIA!

  1. Great movie and great post. Short writings are very effective (something I should learn lol). I think I’ll insert this movie in a post of mine that will refer to your post too. The fact that you, an Indian, testify that it captures the essence of your country, makes it more precious. I have been recently talking about Western decline in my blog, so it seems to me that this can be a good follow-up of my story.



  2. @ Man of Roma

    Thanks a lot.. I’m glad you think so. I’m a silent reader of your blog. Your thoughts are profound and themselves thought-provoking. I’m already looking forward to your post on India! 🙂

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