TalkingTails – Connecting People!

This is not a Nokia advertisement!

Though I admit that of late there has been a “surge” in the number of alumni-related posts on this blog, I re-iterate that this blog, by all means, is a personal blog! Just that brining people together is fun.. and I am glad that TalkingTails has been doing that and at times, helping people get messages across! — (Look here for Karan Bajaj’s response)

Recently, a BIT-ian form the class of 1989, dropped a comment on the BIT Mesra Bloggers Page – The link to his blogs have been added.

And as if I wasn’t having enough of it, I also decided to blog about a new venture which an old friend (from school) has recently launched. The site is – It’s a portal which gets users (both buyers AND sellers!) to bargain for prices on a virtual floor. Seems like an interesting concept. I plan to get my hands on it this weekend. More details on would be up soon!

Till then .. God Bless!

4 thoughts on “TalkingTails – Connecting People!

  1. @ Sukumar,

    Yes it is! And I’m sure you enjoy it too – That’s what Web 2.0 & Collaboration is all about .. and I know you are passionate about it! 🙂

    @ Amit,

    True! 😦

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