There were some questions asked by some of my friends on the LootStreet (Intro) post, there were a few questions asked… Some of which I thought were pretty sensible and I was looking for the answers myself. So I pinged Kaushik (a good friend and one of the founders of LootStreet.com) .. This is what he had to say..

By the time you are read this, if you have already tried LootStreet.com, thanks a ton! Please do let me know of your views on how we can improve the system (kaushik@lootstreet.com) And if you haven’t tried your hand at bargaining online as yet, consider this a personal invite!
Reema: Hmm…I’ll check it out. The seller is like those in ebay??? do the seller and buyer need to be online same time?
@Reema: Although LootStreet is a online marketplace, what differentiates it is the ability for buyers and sellers to haggle/negotiate over the prices. No, as of now we do not require the buyer and the seller to be online at the same moment. But we are considering introducing a ‘live bargaining’ section in the near future!
honestyfinally: Is this more of giving brick and mortar companys the online presence they require? Its a good idea. One thing I wanted to ask was how comfortable are indians using credit card online??
Its good to see a dbpc ex startup. )
@honestyfinally: You have hit the nail on its head. Online shopping with Credit Card has only recently seen an upswing because of the government-run irctc.co.in (Railway booking), which does assure the common Indian in a way no Pvt. Ltd. company can. That is why we accept offline modes of payment such as cheques, DDs and cash deposits.
Amit: What if I change my mobile number? I have to create a new account?
@amit: if you change your mobile number, you can simply mail us a ‘change login’ request at register@lootstreet.com and we will make sure it is changed asap!
As always,
Happy Bargaining! — Kaushik

I’m gonna leave you guys with this Interview of Arun Balakrishnan on CNBC (Kaushik’s partner.. they’ve co-founded LootStreet.com)..

4 thoughts on “LOOT-‘response!’

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