Live from Jamshedpur!

I am in Jamshedpur (Tatanagar) right now.  I am here for the weekend to visit a few friends – particularly one – who just had a ligament surgery. I was fortunate to befreind a few good people form this industrial township during my days at BIT Mesra and visited the place a few times during my student days.

Here are some pictures of the colony where I put up – Nildih .. (Click on the thumbnails to enlarge)

tatanagar-railway-stationthe road outsideI walk a .. (pretty!) road..-)The Gennius grew up here... ;-)

There’s something about the place which makes it serene. It is a beautiful place. Also very peaceful. And it’s great to come to after the hustle-bustle big city life. I’ve been her for only around 24 hours.. and I feel relaxed already! I usually stay in the “Nildih” side of town – Nildih Road, Ravi Road, Golmuri, Dalma Road – basically from what I gather this is the Tata Motors Colony (erstwhile “Telco”). The people are peace-loving and display a leisurely gaite that reflects the mood of the city in general at any time of the day. Jamshedpur is a very relaxed and relaxing place.

I will be heading to the “other” (Tata Steel) part of town to visit a couple of college friends who are working at Tata Steel and stay in apartments in the Tisco clony.

Here’s to some great friends who belong to this lovely town – Love you guys!

39 thoughts on “Live from Jamshedpur!

  1. Good one. I have been there. The loyalty that people have for TATA in Jamshedpur is mind boggling. It will make a great management case study if someone can do detailed research and publish the insights.

  2. @ Aditya: 🙂

    @ Sukumar,

    Very true. Their loyalty towards the TATA’s and their love for Jamshedpur is striking! They are very passionate and display a sense of belonging.

  3. Ssup bro! Peaceful place nah? Jampot, my hometown 🙂 away from all the hubbub and pollution of a metro..Steel City, Green City! where mosta the credit goes to the tatas for maintaining it they way they have for a 100 years now.. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the pic’s ………’s always a pleasure to take a look at ur hometown…and feel a certain pride at all the Whao!!!!! comments that come along…….JAMPOT ROX :)……..

  5. Jamshedpur is a city of gardens, but the way the crime is increasing is absolutely pathetic for the developement of the city, we need officers like Dr Ajay Kumar, Mr Kanhaiya Upadhyay.

    During the period when Ajay kumar was the SP of Jamshedpur, the crime was reducing like water level in a desert, and his officers like Kanhaiya Upadhyay who was the officer in-charge of Sakchi police station had chucked the criminals out of the steel city.and made the city peaceful.

    But today Navin kumar the new SP of JSR is also doing a good job.

  6. I absolutely agree, i remember when Mr Kanhaiya Upadhyay was the officer in-charge of Bistupur police, he caught me when i was driving very speed, he just told me politely that i should not drive fast.

    I do not know where is he posted now but still criminals are scared of him, i remember when he was in CID which is known to be no work department, there he had created panic amongst the criminals as he had solved the well know murder cases like Sharma murder case, Hari sawa murder case.

    and Dr Ajay, i have no word for that great ExCop, absolutely professional police officer, i still do not know why he left the police job.

  7. I know Dr Ajay Kumar had a team of the officers who were the best in Jharkhand : his team consisted of officers like Kanhaiya Upadhyay, G.P Sinha, AZ Kammal, they were a very honoured police officers Jamshedpur has ever got.

  8. I was in std 7 when Dr.Ajay Kumar took the charge of jamshedpur and vicinity are.
    It was the era of criminal gurus buzzing the jamshedpur roads. Thanks to SP Dr.Ajay Kumar and his team who did a wonderful job. I don’t know much about him and also about his team but one thing I know he and his team given gave a unforgettable result.

    When ever I see any cop oriented move like Sehar, Gangajal, or Sarfarosh I found Dr.Ajay Kumar in those movies.
    On 26jan he came to our school, I remember his
    Only one punch line for him ‘A perfect blend of knowledge, leadership and restlessness for his job’.

    A highly educated professional SUPER-COP.

  9. The funniest thing about Jamshedpur is the way the Bengalis there always try to prove that they are not from Bengal. Some of them try to imitate a Bhojpuri accent to prove themselves! Contrast with Biharis here in Mumbai who go at pains to deny their roots ( they are not Biharis really – “hum bihari nahin, bihar se hain”

  10. Hello, I was so pleased to see the photographs.I was born and lived until I was 12 at no. 4 Golmuri Road.My father worked at the Tinplate Plant and I remember so many things.The houses dont seem to have changed a lot!Number one was the Murphy´s house (the accountant), numner 2 was the Guest bungalow, number 3 was the Davies´, number 4 was ours, number 5 was the LLoyds and then over the road crossing to number 6 which was the Hooper´´ s and then I dont really remember who lived where!!

  11. Nice pix!
    Seems, you had a great time in Jamshedpur.
    So it’s great to come to after the hustle-bustle big city life.
    Jamshedpur is such a beautiful place.
    I am also planning to book a holiday package of India with the help of
    And I will definitely visit Jamshedpur.
    Can you please tell me? What will be the best time to visit Jamshedpur?

  12. @ Shawn: Jamshedpur experiences a wide range in temperature – Personally, I would not go there during the summers – its too hot! 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by Do keep coming back! 🙂

  13. Dr. Ajay Kumar is back to Jamshedpur…Now as a Member of Parliament of India. He has won the by-election by a whooping margin today, showing an unforgettable gratitude of people of Jamshedpur towards him. We have now great expectations from him as he and his party can now only save Jharkhand from monster of corruption and all social vices. Good Luck Dr. Ajay!!

  14. Tha way Dr. Ajay kumar worked when he was SP of jamshedpur is really appreciable.
    Dr. Kumar has a huge Fans in Jamshedpur and now we expect he will resume his working philosphy and fight aganist corruption .

    We jamshedpur ppl have a hope that now jamshedpur will be fruitful with MP like Dr. Kumar.

  15. To
    Dr Ajay Kumar,as an MP of Jamshedpur,
    Dear Sir ,
    Cogratulation DR.AJAYA for Your great Victry in Jamshedpur sit.
    We have great respact for your last carrers \

    as a SP OF JAMSHEDPUR. We like to see you the same dasing Personality respact like the past. and we have great hope from you


  17. Hi Everyone,

    Dr Ajay could work fine because he had a good support of his officers, lets not forget the other police officers who helped Dr Ajay in gaining such popularity. why it is always that junior officer loose fame in front of seniors.

    There were some renowned police officers who supported Dr Ajay in controlling the crime, who were popularly known as field officers for dr Ajay.

    Lets salute them too.


  18. Mr Amyth (thats what you have indentified yourself as), i could see in the entire messages, you have mostly replied to the messages given by foreigners, hmmmm ………….KUDOS BUDDY….

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