10 things I could never do in a “BIG” Company!

I have never really blogged much about work. I never felt the need to. But the work here is very interesting. There are certain things I have been doing here that I never thought I would have to.. and certainly things I would not have done at a Large Organization – at least not anytime soon!

  1. Draft an agreement for our associates / vendors – including personally writing clauses like Non-disclosure and non-compete.
  2. Create an Operational document and prepare reports for costing, pricing and profit-sharing.
  3. Negotiate with vendors / partners regarding commissions.
  4. Engage the client into establishing / broadening relationships.
  5. Ask Laptop manufacturers for a quote to purchase 3-4 laptops and bargain for a bulk discount.
  6. Run around for photo-copies and print-outs from shops outside the office!
  7. Lock the door of the office-room before leaving and ensure that the keys are safe!
  8. Purchase a book on Services Marketing – Selling the Invisible and try to learn the tricks of the trade! πŸ˜›
  9. Get to work office everyday thinking – “Hmmmm… What is it that I am going to do today that I haven’t done so far?”
  10. Feel completely at home as regards dressing is concerned – well, almost!

So far so good.. I’m lovin’ it! πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “10 things I could never do in a “BIG” Company!

  1. @ Kpowerinfinity,
    YOU would understand, I’m sure! πŸ™‚

    @ Amit,
    It does.. and it’s been good so far!… Early days yet..

    @ Rupesh,
    Thanks! .. Let’s hope the experiment turns out good!

    @ Poonam,
    Thanks – the environment here is infectious.. which shows on the post! πŸ˜›

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