Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship @ SVNIT

Along with a friend-colleague from work, I was recently at the Sardar VallabhBhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT), Surat to take a presentation  / Guest Lecture for engineeirng students. It was a part of their annual ENtrepreneurship-centric fest – Entru-Meet 2008. The session was followed by a Q & A Session and we had a nice time wriggling our way through – I don’t think we did too bad a job int he end.

I have visited quite a number of engineering colleges in these last few months – all for different reasons and all in different regions – I went to

It was my first visit to the State of Gujarat and following were the “Learning Outcomes”:

  • On this “maiden” visit to Gujarat, I realized that people need to be sensitized about the use of helmets in the region. I did not see a SINGLE (really.. not even ONE!) person riding a two-wheeler with a helmet on – Of course, no one catches them! 😛
  • Also, thanks to buying some stuff for mom from the famous Surat Saree Market, I now know the difference between the following types of Sarees – Chiffon, Georgette and Silk. Further, I figured that women who want to “look slim” can go in for Georgette Sarees, while those who want to “show-off” an hour-glass figure would rather opt for lighter synthetic sarees – I now realize that I know a little more about Sarees.. 😉
  • My “junkie” friend (a resident of Baroda) told me that Baroda has the most “in” crowd so we concluded that Baroda has the highest “Dude” Quotient (DQ) among all cities in Gujarat! :mrgreen:

On a more serious note, here’s the presentation that accompanied Shrey and myself during the talk – It has been edited to remove contact details but by and large this was it –>

8 thoughts on “Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship @ SVNIT

  1. Let me add what u missed, chiffon saris make u look the slimmest. All the heroines of yash raj movies on the swiss alps dancing in minus xx degree are in flowing, light, c thru chffn saris. For georgette n synthetic it is true but really depends on the quality, u get a mixed n semi version of every type! 🙂 I cant open the video here though…

  2. @ PureSunshine

    Yeah.. I lacked the motivation and the resources to do that! :mrgreen:

    @ Pratik,

    Yupp.. Have heard about the book.. Seen it around in office also.. Should get my hands on it!

    @ KK..,

    Hardly.. [;)]… All mumbo-jumbo.. This was just a session to tell engineers about our experiences of having worked for Large as well as start-ups.. to give them a perspective, thats it!

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