As a kid, throughout middle school especially, I used to eagerly await the “then” WWF / “now” WWE Royal Rumble in January every year! – Why did I start with this?! – Doesn’t matter.. It’s the Royal “RAMBLE” anyway..

Yesterday we went to Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) to give a presentation to prospective Summer Intens – Thankfully, I didn’t have to speak much! – The only ‘time’ I did, I came up with a sad joke on how I am actually Marwari and have seen bits of business here and there, but that’s not how people do business in Mumbai. The audience found it funny so I guess for once my comic timing was slightly less horrible than it usually is!

In other “funny” news, someone from Iran has left a comment on my “Snake” post saying his Highest Score in Snake (on Nokia 3310) is 4296 and has even agreed to show me the TOP SCORE on Webcam if I add him on Yahoo.. And here’s that comment –

“im from snkae score on nokia 3310 is…….? yeha 4296.if u see my score on cam add yahoo id is: mXXX_XXXX”

(ID has been changed to protect identity!) :mrgreen:

On the blogging front, I have been extremely lazy and inactive. 2 things on my To-Do list as far as TalkingTails is concerned:

  1. Write a post reviewing – It’s a nice little site which helps you capture life’s moments and share it with your friends
  2. Aggressively push TalkingTails so that someone seconds my nomination at Poonam’s Avant Garde Bloggies AwardsRuhi, Amit, Nimmy, Ish, Dinu – You guys reading??

Oh, last but not the least, I went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Mumbai last weekend and it totally rocks!! – except that they were playing songs like Final Countdown, and a lot of stuff which wasn’t exactly.. ermm.. “Hard” Rock!

Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai
Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai

6 thoughts on “Royal RAMBLE!

  1. WWF/E Royal Rumble..i used to wait like crazy for the show, sadly, star sports which used to air WWF in the 90s used to air shows(also called pay-per-views) almost after a month, so some of d smart kids on the bloc who could log on to made real Royal Ramblers! 🙂

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