5 thoughts on “Obamania.. Obam-erized.. You name it!

  1. Yeah – They have a system different from ours – The “person” is the central character, rather than the “party”..

    However, whether a single “individual” can represent our diversity is the question that needs to be answered before we are sure if the same system for India.

  2. I confess to be a fan of Obama too. I’ve always been, since the beginning of his campaign. He is a great hope for America and the world. After his election – the election of a black man in a land where black people were slaves – the American democracy is more credible, not many doubts about it, whatever AlQaeda may say.

    Yes, they have a Commander in Chief, while in India or in Italy parties rule. Difficult to reply to your question, Amyth. Pros and cons anyway (what if Sarah Palin would have become President if McCain won and then died? – saying this not because she was a woman, but because she was probably incompetent, while Hillary Clinton was surely not).

    Plus, Americans are 300 millions. You are more than a billion.

    As far as the Indian democracy in any case, seen from here and from what I hear, it is something very respected. After all, things work, with flaws and cons, ok, but they work. It is especially amazing how can you keep together such a huge mosaic of peoples and regions. In my country we have difficulties in keeping together 56 million people!


  3. @ Manofroma,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your views on this! – I respect your views a lot. More than that I respect the fact that you so candidly share them and engage in conversation!

    Anyway – You are bang on about India, I guess – with all our flaws we still manage to pull together as a democracy!

    @ Dinu,

    I know! – If he does not “live up” then it’s downhill and at a faster speed!

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