Blogging from a Train, PUNE & Solapur!

I did not get time to write about my Pune visit – Actually there was nothing much to write about. It was like any other site of urban India – partly city-city and partly small-townish.

Two observations which warrant a mention:

  1. Public transport in Pune is waaaaaaa (..aa..) aaay too expensive! – Auto-rickshaw drivers have an ABSOLUTE monopoly. They can quote something like “Ek Sau Challis” (Rupees One hundred and forty) for a distance no more than than that from IIT Powai to Kanjur Marg Railway Station! – So if you’re ever planning to settle in Pune, either get your own vehicle or shell out more in a year on conveyance than you plan to spend onย  your wedding!
  2. It’s a student city. There are students and colleges (.. and students and colleges) everywhere!

The best part of my Pune visit was our visit to the German Bakery – The most amazing croissants, pastries, sandwiches and oh.. eggs – Sunny Side up! .. and the best part – DIRT CHEAP! – A HUGE cream-full piece of chocolate-coated pastry would cost something like Rs. 35. Ditto for a double Sunny Side up served with garlic bread!

German bakery is in the Koregaon Park area and is located near the famous Osho Ashram. We stopped by the place on our way back from Pune beecause my flat-mate thought there was no way we could leave Pune without paying a visit! Here’s a picture of the place – typically inundated by students and a lot of visitors / travelers from foreign countries.:

German Bakery, Pune - Picture Courtsey -


Anyway, I’m tired now and in a train.. on my way to Solapur .. In fact, I was pleasently surprised to find this completely updated and theme-enabled website on Solapur.

—->ย  2 things to see at Solapur:

  1. Akkalkot Temple (located 35 KM by road form Solapur);
  2. The famous PULGAM TEXTILES Showroom – Picture below. Pulgam apparently has the most amazing collection of bedsheets and “Solapuri Chadders” that this place is famous for.
A view of the Pulgam showroom - Source:

14 thoughts on “Blogging from a Train, PUNE & Solapur!

  1. It’s an absolute delight to go through your blog.It’s getting better day by day.I liked the Ek Sau Challis vs Marriage plan thing…hehehe…keep up the good work!

  2. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along.
    I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading.
    Nice blog.
    I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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