Ghajini – Reviewed!

Ghajini Poster
Ghajini Poster

(NO SPOILERS!).. Read on.. I wonder if this is the first audience blog-post about Ghajini on the internet! πŸ˜‰


Ghajini has all the makings of a block-buster! (Duh! – Aamir Khan!) … Actually,Β  I am an Aamir Khan fan myself (Read my review of Taare Zameen Par) and I was lucky enough to be able to catch a paid preview of Ghajini at Fame Aurangabad. I think the best way to really “review” a movie is to watch it alone and not have your opinions / perceptions / interpretations clouded by the people you might be watching it with! – I caught the movie alone because I had nothing to do at Aurangabad until the the late night train back to Mumbai made it’s way to the heritage city!

The movie is an entertainer – some of the action sequences are of the quality that Bollywood has never seen. Ghajini portrays Aamir Khan as a near super-hero as far as the action is concerned! – In fact, if this becomes a commercial success – I will not be surprised if the promoters decided to make him a “regular” super-hero who has 15 minutes of memory and a physical ability matching that of Popeye, the Sailor (sans spinach, of course!)

Asin (playing Kalpana) does an absolutely fabulous job as the sensitive, chirpy, middle-class girl-next door! – Kudos to her really – she was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Jia Khan hardly has too much of screen-space and time, so this should not be a barometer for her. Aamir Khan, as usual, has put in 125% and some of his expressions are scary! – Now that takes some hard work, given Aamir’s otherwise chocolate loverboy looks! But I have to admit one thing here – Aamir is the second most appropriate actor in Bollywood who could have done this role. Hrithik Roshan would have been my choice #1! If you have seen the movie, do you agree with me?? – I would like to know!

The Music by A.R. Rehman is Average! – I do not think he has lived upto his reputation post-Guru! The cinematography, editing and camera-work is phenomenal and the director has an excessive eye for detail! The movie thrills at times and goes over-board with the romances and useless song-and-dance sequences – not called-for in a movie like Ghajini. Another point to note is that this is a movie which is named after the antagonist (villain!) rather than the protagonist!

On a more personal level, what made watching the movie slightly more exciting was that it is shot in Hiranandani in Mumbai – where my workplace is located! πŸ™‚ .. All in all, it was time (and money) well spent. Actually, I don’t know if the “time” bit is justified – 3 hours 15 minutes. I think Aamir comes out with only ONE movie every year(or two!) so he can’t help but increase the length of the movie! :mrgreen:

31 thoughts on “Ghajini – Reviewed!

  1. I think you should watch the tamil version of Ghajini from which the film was remade.I have not seen the Hindi one I felt that the story of the movie is nice but again no credits on the story front this time for Aamir as this is simply a remake of the Tamil Version.He should have something original just like the ‘Taare Zaamen Paar” not a remake thing.Originality and versatility is another name of Aamir Khan so its fine that he do one film a year but that should not be a copycat.By point is when he remakes a film the original film losse its originality due to the publicity and the stature of Aamir.That can be taken as a complement for Aamir.But yes I do agree with you its a total new story from the movie point of view and according to common language”full paisa vasool movie”

  2. hey!! chalo ek engineer accha review bhi likh leta hai….Like u I too am an ardent aamir fan and shall watch the movie…in spite of the other clouded reviews…….

  3. 2 points –

    1) Naah.. hrithik would not have been suitable for the role aamir is just too good in the movie

    2) i saw the Tamil movie Ghajini just last month so this movie was predictable for me.. its pretty much a copy of the tamil namesake. The ending in the tamil movie is really really… yawn.. stretched.. so the ending is a little better here..
    the best part is that the flaws in the direction or story wich were there in the tamil movie have been removed in the hindi movie..
    and if u are a aamir khan fan.. u will love it..

  4. @ Amit – It was long, yes.. But I didn’t find it boring. It was on the line though, at times, but it is a well-made movie and has some good performances so I guess that saves the day for me..

    @ Pantomimosa – I am an Aamir fan .. but STILL 3.15 hours is a tad too long for a movie!

    @ Poonam – Thanks! πŸ™‚

    @ Kushagra – Mr. Shah, is it? – Thank you… Lawyers aren’t the only ones around with strong Critical Thinking skills! :mrgreen:

    @ Nadu – I haven’t seen the Tamil movie, but now I want to see it… To perhaps make out what the flaws you’re talking about actually are..

  5. Finally, a positive review of the movie. I have read quite a few negative reviews of the movie today before stumbling upon this one.

    As an Aamir Khan fan i was looking forward to this movie. I guess it isnt a complete waste of time. Maybe i should still go watch it πŸ™‚

  6. @ amreekandesi,

    haha – I didn’t dislike it as much as the other reviewers I guess. Oh yes, and you should go and watch it if you are an Aamir Khan fan.. Like the movie or not, Aamir will impress!

    @ Hades,

    Yeah – to each his own! :mrgreen: – You should write a review on TimesOfBullShit too!

  7. Firstly both Tamil and Hindi versions of Ghajini are inspired from @Suman — No credit to Tamil Ghajini for the story either.

    About the movie…I liked the movie in bits and pieces..Amir was good asusual..n Asin was a real surprise..very natural
    Jia was okay..nothing much for her in the plot.The villain..very weak was sometimes overboard and boring. Now I wished Mani Rantam cud have directed this ..’coz Murugadoss has got a bit of south Indian touch in his approach which is good but hard to be accepted universally.
    The flow of the movie was another low.As u said unnecessary sequences and songs also subdued its appeal..
    All in all one time watch..

  8. @ Shrey Goyal,

    Thanks for dropping the link to yours! πŸ™‚ .. Do keep coming back.

    @ RaWMan,

    Sahi jaa rahe ho – You got the initials of Aamir’s rival anyway – SRK! :mrgreen:

    @ Rupesh,


  9. Visiting your blog quite after a long time…still i don’t see myself in ur blogroll X-(

    @post overall i was looking forward for ghajini …not because my name also sounds like ghajini πŸ˜› bt cz these days Aamir comes with perfection… Tare…, Jane tu… and Ghajini are the illustration of his hard work and devotion…that what makes the movie worth watching…n let me tell u tht i m not at all disappointed with it…it proved totally a paisa wasool kinda movie…songs, story, action and emotion packed those hours were truly awesome omg i think i shud stop here only or it will sound like a review thn a comment πŸ˜› Anyways nice review πŸ™‚

    ps: no i don’t think anybody can replace Aamir in this movie

  10. @ Rajni,

    Thats surprising – I conviniently assumed that you “must be on my blogroll” since your “EARTH” wallpaper is on my desktop .. in fact it has been there for a few days now.. πŸ™‚ … Adding you to blogroll right now!

  11. hi dude……………

    I have seen all three version…..Ghajini -hindi,tamil n momento

    But one thing is sure Ghajini is not a copy of momento…………

    All three have diffrent audience……….

    I like Ghajini Hindi .because u know i like AAmir………

    In hindi Ghajini the action sequence r great……In tamil version u cannot see six pack muscle of surya..
    AAsin is gorgeous in both…Cinematography is great in Hindi version…….

    Good work dude.
    I think i have 2 drop regularly 2 ur blog.
    keep in touch…..Stol in CTS


  12. First things first, Ghajini was a supremely bad film (no two ways about it), which was marred by an even worse direction and a strong south indian hangover. To like Ghajini (i mean to really like it) one has to have a brain of 6 yr old. It not only insults your wit and intelligence, but also bores you stiff with over-stretched comical interludes which are neither funny nor intriguing – the kind you see in those mid-day dubbed south indian movies playng on setmax. I always knew, it can never be an exact copy of Momento, for that movie was too complex for Indian audience to understand, but still had my expectations primarely being an Aamir Khan film. I mean, if they really wanted to make a mindless loud poorly directed signature 80s action film, they should have cast somebody from the Deol family. Watching it, it was really hard to believe Aamir actually said yes to this trash.
    It is and hopefully shall remain his worst hindi film (along with may be Aatank Hi Aatank). Clearly, what works down under does not work anywhere else…atleast not anymore. Murugadoss, take a bow for delivering the biggest hit of the year, but don’t let it deceive you into making another predictably over-the-top loud remake.
    It is a half time watch.

  13. Abhimanyu: Thanks for dropping by… and moreover, thanks for being BOLD about your views. Yes, I maintain the fact that Ghajini is a block-buster – and I liked it not because of its cinematic brilliance .. but because it was “paisa vasool” for entertainment on an evening when I had nothing better to do! πŸ™‚

    Do keep coming back to!

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